Authorities Begin Hunting To Capture Dominican Boyfriend Killed In Connecticut

While the hunt began in the United States and the Dominican Republic to capture the boyfriend, the young Janet Avalo Álvarez (Irandy), 26, found dead last Tuesday after seven days of disappearance, relatives and relatives were crying for the horrendous crime.

According to Waterbury police authorities in Connecticut, the young Dominican woman was strangled by her boyfriend, Alfredo Esmeril Peguero Gómez, 32. Yesterday an international order was issued against man. It is presumed to be in the Dominican Republic, specifically in the Los Minas sector, where it originates from.

W aterbury police said Wednesday that Ávalo Álvarez, missing since November 12 and found dead Tuesday in a forest in the town of Wolcott, about 17 minutes from the “Guakara Taína” bar, owned by her and her boyfriend, I would have been supposedly strangled by this one at the amusement center facilities.


Waterbury police chief Fred Spagnola revealed that security cameras captured Peguero Gomez's vehicle, rolling through the area where Janet's body was found.

Investigators also said that a hunt has begun throughout the United States and the Dominican Republic in search of Peguero Gómez, whose car was found in the parking lot of Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

Janet was last seen on the night of November 12. On 13 her relatives reported her missing and one day later the police began the search for land, air and water, aided by community brigades in which dozens of civilians participated.

Police said that, although the couple has no history of domestic abuse, they both argued daily about money and business issues, according to employee and neighbor versions.