Avoid Romaine Lettuce CDC Warns Of Dangerous E-coli Outbreak

U.S. health officials from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) warned Friday that romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, should be avoided due to an outbreak of food poisoning.

The warning comes almost exactly one year after a similar outbreak on contaminated romaine lettuce.


Authorities say the warning applies to all types of romaine lettuce in the Salinas region, including whole heads, romaine lettuce hearts and pre-cut salad mixtures that have romaine lettuce.

Roman lettuce has been linked to repeated outbreaks of food poisoning, including one just before Thanksgiving last year.

It is unclear exactly why romaine lettuce continues to make people sick, but food safety experts point to the difficulty of eliminating the risk for products grown in open fields and raw foods.

Source: Center for Disease Control


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