Awesome! Danna Paola And a Compromising Video With Jorge López

This Friday Netflix premieres the third season of the successful youth melodrama “Élite” with the performance of Danna Paola as the “villain” Lucrecia, and the Chilean Jorge López as the “junkie” Valerio.

After growing up playing good girl roles, the young mexican Now she plays an adolescent classist, full of prejudices, reaching very eloquent limits. Related NewsThe actress began working at just 4 years old in “Sesame Street” and then in a soap opera called “Maria Belen.” So far he has participated in 20 soap operas in Mexico.

Paola can boast of carrying more than two decades working as an actress and singer. In fact, he currently flaunted that career and had a confrontation with a participant in “La Academia”, a Mexican reality music show, which did not reach the age of majority.Danna and Jorge are two characters as huge as they are inconsistent in the Netflix series, and they have managed to gain popularity in today’s youth. They explore their interpretive boundaries as two half-brothers whose stormy relationship includes love and rancor.


A few days ago many of the actors of “Elite”, including the Mexican model, were in different cities in Europe to promote the third part of the series.

In one of the presentations, the actors were seen in a fun video where they are dancing very lovingly and you can even see a situation in which they almost kissed.