Axel About Incident With Tini Stoessel: “I Cried, I Felt Anguish Farándula

Updated on 10/09/2019 at 22:56

Axel spoke exclusively with “Teleshow” to clarify about Tini Stoessel's reaction with his person. As you remember, a video showed the singer "uncomfortable" with the musician at a press conference.

The viral clip shows Tini taking off Axel's arm during a link with Telefe. The musician decided to remain silent about the event and I hope everything calms down.


Axel said it was all about a "misunderstanding." "We were on a mobile in Telefe, where we were twenty artists, what we just named, with a single microphone, with the 'cockroach', passing the handset from one to another. Totally spontaneous, with the logical delay of a mobile from Madrid to Buenos Aires. And there was simply a misunderstanding, which I didn't find out until I was with Sole (Pastorutti) chatting behind the scenes of the theater on the day of the show. ”

The musician indicated that he didn't know anything about what had happened. "We were with Sole chatting behind the scenes, Tini comes and tells us:‘ Did you see what happened? " Sole automatically said: ‘Guys, we must not clarify what is clear. That is to say, do not give entity to a misunderstanding, to a flock. We're having a good time, let's focus on this concert, look where we are … at the Royal Theater in Spain, let's enjoy, let's sing ’.”

The artist said that Tini Stoessel never made him feel his discomfort and that they lived a great moment in Spain. “At dinner we toast the experience, for those two spectacular days. We all understood that it was a misunderstanding that was going to be there, nor did we talk about it, ”he said.

“For a moment I felt anguish, I felt anger too. I didn't understand why, right? Because it really was a misunderstanding. If you watch the video, it has nothing serious or malicious at all, ”he says.

Axel said he has a good friendship with Tini Stoessel and that he even uploaded a photo with her on his Instagram account. “We get along very well, that's it,” he confessed.