Ayuso Deflates In The Polls After His Controversial Administration In The Summer: It Goes From 57 Seats To 39 In Just Four Months

The controversial management of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during the summer without the umbrella of the state of alarm begins to take its toll. In an NC Report poll released this Monday The reason, the Popular Party lost in that time almost 20 seats with respect to a poll published by the same demographic company on May 2: the president of Madrid would obtain 39 seats if there were an election today – it currently has 30 deputies – while it does four estimate was 57.

This is not good news for the Madrid president in her first State Debate in the region. In May, with those demographic studies that gave him a comfortable majority –although without an absolute majority–, Díaz Ayuso tried an electoral advance and it had to be the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, who stopped a decision that had already been taken by the Madrid president , according to sources familiar with those plans. This week those intentions on the part of the Madrid president have been on the table again after the General Secretary of the Madrid Socialists and Government Delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, raised as a hypothesis, but as a real option – to deliver the Presidency of Madrid to Ciudadanos to kick the PP out of the regional government.


The survey published this Monday by La Razón, however, is good news for Citizens. The vice president of the regional government, Ignacio Aguado, would obtain 19 seats – currently his parliamentary group has 26 – and would recover from the fall that had been dragging in the last polls: if in May NC Report granted the formation of Inés Arrimadas in Madrid 10 seats , today they would almost double that forecast. In recent months, the Madrid vice president has led a strategy contrary to that of Ayuso, who has opted for confrontation with the central government and the opposition. Aguado has based his speech on dialogue and cooperation between administrations. In addition, the ministries whose management has been more controversial during the summer, Health and Education, are led by the PP.

It is also recovering from the fall in the latest More Madrid polls, which, with the encouragement of the deputy spokesperson and Health, Mónica García, has slowed and improved the fall in the polls after the result of Más País in the general elections – with two seats – and the departure of Manuela Carmena from the project. More Madrid would obtain today, according to NC Report, 17 seats – it currently has 20 – far from the 9 it gave it in May.

The PSOE does not move from the 37 seats that it already has today and that it would maintain, as happened in the May poll. Also United We Can-IU would repeat a result similar to that of the 2019 elections and the previous poll: it would add one more seat to the 7 it currently has. In the case of Vox, they would obtain 12 seats today, one less than they currently have but two more than the May poll.

The results of this survey that arrive on one of the most important days of the regional president in the Madrid Assembly because she takes stock of her first year in office in the debate of the State of the region cool her expectations and her wishes for an electoral advance in the face of the terrible relations with his government partner, Ciudadanos.

Madrid leads the number of infections due to the virus and the Ayuso Executive is a series of improvisations and announcements that part of the coalition finds out from the press. Since the last two weeks the region has concentrated more than a third of everything that is being diagnosed at the national level. Health notified 12,183 cases this Friday, of which 4,195 belong to the Community of Madrid. Weekly hospitalizations have not stopped multiplying since the beginning of August, and although the region is far from the healthcare situation it had in the worst months of the pandemic when healthcare collapsed, the occupation of only Covid patients is around 60%, some figures “worrying” for health and government.



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