Baby Etchecopar Pointed Against Alberto Fernández: "Alfonsín's Finger Hit Corruption And He Would Never Have Put a Corrupt Vice"

Credit: A24

Baby Etchecopar criticized in his program Basta Baby the president-elect
Alberto Fernández when comparing his gesture with the index finger with that of
Raul Alfonsin

"It is shameful that they appeal to the lowest things to do politics. Alberto, at one point you said 'Alfonsín's finger'. It is not the same finger: neither Alfonsin is you. Moreover, if Alfonsin had lived, neither was Moreau , nor any of those who were. I would have slapped them and thrown them out of radicalism, "said Baby.


The journalist said that Cristina Kirchner "uses it as a resource of honesty" and added that "tremble freedom of expression."

Baby Etchecopar pointed against Alberto Fernández – Courtesy: A24

"Alfonsín's finger was not like his, Alfonsín's finger hit corruption and he would never have put a corrupt, a multiprocessed vice president. They are different fingers: the finger of the proctologist or the finger of the newspaper. They are not the same fingers, "continued Baby in his editorial.

"Neither the K nor the M nor the Z are going to silence me. I will fight for freedom of expression, so I do these programs."