Baby On Board! Pilar Rubio Revealed An Unexpected Detail About The Pregnancy

This week marks two months since Pilar Rubio publicly announced her pregnancy. Due to the uncontrollable rumors, she was forced to tell it through the networks.

The host It was not yet three months, the time they recommend waiting before communicating it, in case of any complications that arise.Related News Fortunately, everything is fine. Sergio Ramos’s wife entered the 20th week of gestation and wanted to share on her Instagram account how many kilos she had increased.

The comments were immediate and flooded the image of the Spanish. Some of them said: “congratulations”, “how beautiful”, “beautiful”, but the one that was repeated the most was “is it a boy or a girl? The model and the soccer player, have not yet revealed whether that, but many fans, at To see the photograph of his belly, they affirmed that it is another child. What do you think?


However, the famous actress wants a little girl to arrive and they have already decided on the name. “If it’s a girl we have it clearer, Pilar is not going to be because I don’t particularly like my name,” she said.

Through Instagram stories, Pilar Rubio confessed that she gained 4.5 kilos. In other words, it weighs 64.5 kg. Nothing bad!