Baby Trump Balloon Stabbed And Deflated Before a Football Game In Alabama

The balloon Baby trump, The popular symbol of protest against US President Donald Trump floated among the crowd of college football fans in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this Saturday when it was cracked and consequently deflated by a man, a protest organizer told CNN.

Around 2:30 p.m., before the start of the game between Alabama and Louisiana State, an unknown man approached the globe and stabbed him, according to Nic Gulas, one of the people who organized the appearance of the Baby Trump balloon in party. The balloon deflated after the attack, Gulas said.

"He was a random guy who just ran to the globe, stuck a knife in him and ran away. We had the police close by another driver before, so they went and arrested him and his driver from the escape," said Gulas to CNN through Twitter.


Tuscaloosa Police Department officials responded to the incident and watched Hoyt Deau Hutchinson, 32, of Tuscaloosa, cutting the Baby Trump balloon, and then trying to flee the area, according to a statement issued by the police.

Officers detained the suspect and detained him on a first-degree criminal incident charge, the statement said. Hutchinson was booked at the Tuscaloosa County Jail, where he was held on bail of $ 2,500.

The balloon was about a mile from Bryant-Denny Stadium, where Crimson Tide and Tigers, two of the best college football teams according to the Associated Press, fought for a 46-41 victory for LSU. Trump attended the game and received overwhelming applause from the crowd in what was his third time at a major sporting event in the last two weeks.

In preparation for Trump's appearance, Gulas helped organize a GoFundMe campaign to raise $ 4,000 in order to bring the Baby Trump balloon to the party. The campaign ended up raising $ 7,882 in two days. Now they have launched a campaign to restrain the broken globe whose goal was to raise $ 6,000. They already have more than 26,000.

Before the game, Gulas told CNN earlier that the balloon could be found near the corner of Hackberry Lane and 15th Street. "So the atmosphere is good, honestly. Have many protesters in front of it. Occasionally, a car will shout 'Trump 2020' or 'Keep America Great!', But it has been mostly positive," Gulas told CNN. via Twitter

The Baby Trump balloon literally rose to fame in July 2018 after furae was seen hovering over the houses of the British Parliament for two hours during widespread protests against Trump's visit to the United Kingdom.

Leo Murray, an activist who organized the appearance of the airship in London, told CNN at that time that the giant globe had been designed to speak with Trump "in a language he understands, that they are personal insults." Since then, the balloon designed by Matt Bonner has appeared in several places, including New Jersey and Scotland.


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