Baby Yoda Is The Figure With The Most Pre-orders In Funko’s History

This Baby Yoda Funko Funko Pop figure will be on sale starting May 20
                                                Since Funko
 He announced that he would launch a Baby Yoda toy in December 2019, Star Wars fans have ordered so many figures that it is already the most pre-ordered piece in the history of the Funko brand. Funko’s art director, Reis O’Brien, confirmed the news in a video interview, in which he described the development of the figure of Baby Yoda in the Pop collection, as reported by the CNET sister website in Spanish, Comicbook .com, on Thursday, February 6, Funko has two Baby Yoda Pop figures: a regular one 7.6 inches tall, and a large one, 25.4 centimeters tall; Its sale price is US $ 8.78 and US $ 29.96, respectively. Both pieces will be ready for shipment to buyers on May 20. While the 25.4-inch Baby Yoda figure is sold out on Amazon, fans can still pre-order the regular size and order the 25.4-centimeter version at Walmart at a discount Fans discovered Baby Yoda, officially known as El Niño
, in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, on Disney Plus. Baby Yoda is so popular that consumers have spent a lot of money for official toys and unofficial pieces
. Fans love this adorable character so much that they are even willing to endure freezing temperatures to make Snow Yoda snow sculptures

If you have not yet known the magic that Baby Yoda represents, here we show you how to see The Mandalorian in Disney Plus. Season 2 of the series premieres in October. Funko did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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