Babysitter Abuses The Child Who Took Care And Becomes Pregnant

Florida.- A 28-year-old woman was sentenced a few days ago in the state of Florida for sexual abuse, because while she was a babysitter at age 22, she abused the child she was caring for, who was 11 years old at the time .

Marissa "N" was hired as a babysitter in 2014, recommended by the mother-in-law of the child's mother, soon gaining the trust of the parents. Since then, she began abusing the child under 11 she was caring for and in that same year she became pregnant.

At first, the child's parents believed that she had become pregnant with her boyfriend, because they never imagined reality.


The meetings continued for three years. When the child turned 14, he decided to talk to his parents, because he believed that what was wrong was wrong, and in 2017 Marissa “N” was arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a minor.

But see my son as more than a child? I mean, we are talking about a child who was 11 years old, ”said the mother for a local media.

After the confession, the parents performed a DNA test on the baby and the result was shocking, as it was his grandson.

Marissa, today 28, was sentenced, a few days ago, to 20 years in prison for the charges presented. The child under 17, has custody of the baby and is responsible for him, while continuing his studies.

He betrayed me in the worst possible way. How could I be so stupid? ”Said the mother after the sentence was given.