Back In 2009.dominica Win In El Clasico

Back In 2009.Dominica Win In El Clasico

Just eight days ago, the Dominica team’s Clásico ended. It ended badly for millions of fans, being eliminated by their most cheering rival, Puerto Rico.

Las Vegas favorites and hundreds of pundits are back in the first round, just like they were in 2009 after two losses to the Netherlands. After 4 years, an adjustment was made and the cap was reached.

Later, those responsible for arbitration began to point out everything from the classic questions of leaders, including requests for heads within the Commonwealth, to team preparations that emphasized the need to get players “in shape.” from the ridom.


Should Cristian Javier have started in place of Johnny Cueto against Puerto Rico? Should Willie Adams have played more? With the bases loaded before Sandy Alcantara hit an RBI, he was 3-2 David What would have happened if he had overwhelmed Peralta?Julio Rodriguez and Juan Soto, the team’s bases against Martín Pérez What if there was more opportunity when you crowded the

As the tournament progressed, many of the “give up stars for the next classic” proponents changed their positions. They understood that Mexico needed long swings and effective pitches to beat Puerto Rico, just as the United States needed artillery to turn Venezuela around. It was raw ammunition where he cornered the Americans in the semifinals and finals.

Fedobe suffers from its image and falls short of financial expectations. The creation of uniforms and the use of the tournament logo have also been questioned by the organization itself, not by radicals on social networks.

Japan won $3 million for the transatlantic flight, but Juan Nunez had to console himself with $300,000. This would not have been given either to cover entry fees as the government paid his R$44 million for the contest. .

There was no shortage of advanced work. A Dominican reconnaissance party traveled to Asia, but on the ground the fragments were not synchronized to survive the “death mass”.

The loss of figures like Luis Castillo, Flamber Valdez, Freddy Peralta, Emmanuel Klaes and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was a headache for manager Nelson Cruz before they met at Fort Myers.

Already in tournaments, the script was executed against weak Israel and Nicaragua, but stalled against ranked rivals such as Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

At woods, Juan Soto (15-6, 3 RBI, 3 RBI), Jaymer Candelario (12-6), Eloy Jimenez (11-5) and Manny Machado (17-4, 1-for-2) , 2 RBI) at height. Rafael Devers (16-2) had wet powder.

Against Bolivar and Bolivar, the offense went 2-20 and was in scoring position (.100), and against Central America and Hebrew, they went 9-22 (.409) with 20 on base and 16 points. was on base. .

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