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Bad Bunny At WrestleMania: From Singing At The Royal Rumble To Debuting As a Giant In The Ring | Peacock | WWE Network | Professional Wrestling | Wrestling | United States | Puerto Rico | Nnda Nnrt | PEOPLE

Bad Bunny prepares for what will be the most important show of his life. We are referring to his debut in professional wrestling in the 2021 edition of WrestleMania, one of the four great annual Pay-per-view events that WWE has celebrated for 37 years and that this time will take place in two days (Saturday April 10 and Sunday 11) at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, with the incentive that it will be his first show in more than a year to have the presence of the public, although with limited capacity due to the pandemic.

The funny thing is that, if we review Bad Bunny’s meteoric career in WWE we see, we can see that it all started with an appearance as a guest musical celebrity at the Royal Rumble event last January to perform his recent single BOOKER T –which carries the name of the five-time heavyweight champion of the aforementioned company and who also had a collaboration in the recording of the song – in which he had his first confrontation with what will be his opponent in the well-known ‘Vitrina de los Inmortales’: The Miz , on the billboard on the first night of the event, which will air on Saturday, April 10.

On that occasion, Bad Bunny launched himself with an iron from the third rope of the ring towards one of its outer sides to bring down The Miz and John Morrison, after he came out to claim the first of those mentioned for destroying during his entrance to the male battle royale the turntable of the DJ who had previously helped him with his musical number.

However, none of the members of the self-proclaimed “The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century” lasted long because they were both eliminated at the same time by Damian Priest, whom he began to serve as their manager in a string of appearances on RAW, the WWE weekly program that airs Monday nights on USA Network in the United States and FOX Sports 2 for South and Central America.

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But Bad Bunny’s appearances on RAW were not limited solely and exclusively to accompanying the ‘Archer of Infamy’ from one side of the ring in his fights, but he even had the opportunity to become one of the many champions 24/7 ( title whose bearer must defend 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any opponent that comes his way regardless of whether he is a company superstar), wearing his championship belt during his participation as a guest musical artist in the edition February 21 of the Saturday Night Live program.

Although he was expected to do the same at the Grammy Awards, in the end the Puerto Rican chose to leave his championship at home, but the two weeks that he “defended” it were more than enough for WWE to create a superstar profile for him on his page. official.

“Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter Bad Bunny crossed paths first with WWE as a fan. The international sensation has such a love for the ring that he was inspired to create and subsequently perform his song ‘Booker T’ at the 2021 Royal Rumble. However, the action didn’t stop there. Later that night, after The Miz tipped over Bad Bunny’s turntable during his entry into the men’s battle royal, the irate performer made his way to the ring. That distraction allowed Damian Priest to eliminate Miz & Morrison from the all-against-all match before Bad Bunny jumped from the third rope to the hosts of The Dirt Sheet who were on the outside of the string, ”the description reads.

“Bad Bunny didn’t leave his friend Priest alone when the ‘Archer of Infamy’ debuted on RAW and helped him win his inaugural match against The Miz, who was accompanied by John Morrison. Subsequently, shortly after Akira Tozawa covered R-Truth behind the scenes by a count of three to capture the 24/7 Championship on the February 15 edition of WWE’s ‘Red Mark’, Priest threw the new title bearer towards a few equipment stored and paved the way for Bad Bunny to become the brand new champion ”, reads the final part of the text, giving way with audiovisual material to illustrate the career of the Safaera interpreter in the ring of the sports entertainment company – alternate name used instead of Professional Wrestling – American.

But perhaps the most important event in his life as a “fleeting” WWE superstar is the announcement of his debut in the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’ that came shortly after the winner of the Grammy Award in the category of Best Latin Pop Album. for his album “YHLQMDLG” (2020) –and nominated for Best Pop Duo or Group Performance, for the song “Un Día” with J Balvin, Dua Lipa and Tainy– he responded in the March 21 edition of RAW to the challenge of the In the same way that The Miz did the week before, when he took advantage of the singer’s carelessness to attack him from behind with a great guitar. “He accepted your challenge, bitch. I’ll see you at WrestleMania ”, were the words with which he confirmed his presence on the undercard of the long-awaited Pay-per-view event.

Bad Bunny in WWE: Good for business?

Now, how beneficial can it be to WWE to have a singer like Bad Bunny whose experience in the ring is limited to that of any fan who grew up watching their favorite superstars fight? Well, to begin with, it is more than evident that the Puerto Rican artist has respect for professional wrestling since no RAW has been lost since the post-Royal Rumble and he was also a 24/7 champion of the company, all with the purpose of build your reputation as an active member of WWE’s ‘Red Brand’. In addition, it is known that he has trained for months so that his debut at WrestleMania – to which he technically arrives undefeated since he voluntarily renounced the title he owned and did not lose it by a count of three as is usually the traditional way – is unforgettable and apparently without charge a penny, also causing RAW’s ratings to spike in recent weeks.

Every year, WWE looks for ways to make WrestleMania relevant and the decision to include Bad Bunny on its card is a sign that this event has managed to stand the test of time as it approaches its 37th edition. This kind of longevity, of which an article from the Bleacher Report portal mentions, “generates a sense of importance”, but it is not all that the company that Vince McMahon runs has to offer to make the so-called ‘Showcase of the Immortals’ scheduled for Saturday April 10th and Sunday 11th be “special”, bringing back some of its few active legends like Edge (and to a lesser extent, Shane McMahon) for this occasion and finding the largest possible stadiums to host the event.

In the aforementioned text, Kevin Berge points out that “the appearance of the singer is the main driver of casual WWE fans, and it has worked”; However, the Puerto Rican “does not feel alone enough for this show to coincide with so many previous ones.” That’s because “the rest of the billboard is not full of big stars. Much of the two-night event relies on family encounters between known opponents with no clear or solid prior stories. If WWE is going to continue using celebrities and legends to keep the event going, it is important to respect the talent involved and let them tell the most important stories that keep the attention of the main audience ”, concludes its author. Be that as it may, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio – the real name of the ‘Bad Rabbit’ – is about to make history in a big way.



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