Baker Accepts That Astros Scandal Has Not Been Left Behind

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, USA (AP) – Astros manager Dusty Baker has gone on to openly express the hope that the repercussions of his new team’s signal theft scandal will soon disappear to accept that the dimes and diretes continue. “One realizes that it’s going to take time to move on. You can’t move on just by saying, ‘keep going.’ We know that sometimes kids have something to say. Sometimes you have to do your job, “Baker told reporters on Sunday at the Houston spring camp. “Everything heals over time, and I just hope that the healing time has come and gone.” Baker then added: “Probably not, but I hope.” The pilot spoke 72 hours after a Houston press conference that was Very badly received and attempts to apologize. “We hope we don’t have to keep answering these questions, and we hope we can start the season because it has been a distraction,” Baker said. On Sunday, Baker said he had no problem with the lighted defense that Astros shortstop Carlos Correa on Saturday at his fellow José Altuve and his replica to players from other teams – a group that includes Cody Bellinger – the current Most Valuable Player of the National League – of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the catcher Kurt Suzuki of the Washington Nationals, who defeated Houston in the 2019 World Series.Suzuki, meanwhile, made it clear on Sunday that he is ready to leave the whole thing behind, by jokingly commenting that “honestly, I’m too old to be in the way.” I don’t connect with this kind of thing, “said the 36-year-old Hawaiian whose team shares a spring training complex with the Astros. “I just focus on mine and try to stay away from everything and prepare to play baseball.” The Nationals have argued that they prepared for the October Classic assuming the Astros were cheating. A Major League investigation released last month revealed that Houston used video to decipher the signals of rival receivers in 2017 and 2018. Part of the consequences in the Astros were the dismissals of manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow. ” You hear things all over the league. And all you can do is your errands and try to prepare yourself so as not to fall into this situation, “Suzuki added. “And we just did our homework on our part and did our best to fight the rumors and we just prepared on our own. That’s all. It was just getting ready for it, should it happen.” Suzuki made the Washington Post days before he heard whistles during the World Series at the time that Houston was going to bat, and told the catcher, through the newspaper, to “enjoy” his championship ring and that of his teammates. That’s why Suzuki obviously started a brief session with reporters on Sunday saying, “I just enjoy my World Series with my teammates. That’s just what I do. We’re just enjoying it and preparing for the season.” And then he showed a huge smile. “Carlos is an adult and one has to answer for what he says. He believed what he said, and said what he said,” Baker said. “So I had no problem with that and I certainly don’t waste time thinking about that.”