Baltimore Orioles, Mlb’s Super Surprise Of The Year

Baltimore Orioles, MLB’s Super Surprise Of The Year

The Baltimore Orioles head into their first season on a strong note since the 2016 season (89-73), the last postseason season under Buck Showalter.

In their final visit to the postseason, the Orioles lost to the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 2-5 in a game that lasted 11 innings, won by Francisco Liriano and lost by Ubaldo Jimenez.

From that moment on, everything was bleak for Oropendras: Between 2017 and 2021, they had a record of 253-455, with the Red Sox (24-36) ending the Pandemic season (25-35) underground. I just missed 1 game behind.


Perhaps the prelude to success came to Baltimore ahead of time, thanks to Brandon Hyde. It’s all thanks to Brandon Hyde, who now commands a squad filled with young talent trained on minority circuits with the Orioles (57-52). In the AL East, he is ranked fourth, just one game behind the third-placed Seattle Mariners (59-52).

Matthew exceeded expectations

Dominican shortstop Jorge Mateo has played an integral role in Hyde’s crew’s success, bringing exceptional balance to the team’s infield despite being below average in attack.

Since the All-Star break, Mateo has batted .302/.339/.623 with four home runs, 12 runs scored, and four stolen bases with 11 RBIs.

This offensive comeback helped him improve his season batting average to . For major leadership.

Bautista absolute leader in the bullpen

With a 1.72 ERA, Felix Bautista became the bullpen leader with the third-highest ERA (3.09) in the majors after Jorge Lopez moved to the Minnesota Twins.

Bautista (49) leads the team in appearances, second in rookies and third in the major leagues.

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