Barbara Bermudo Tells The Truth And Tells What Happened Next To Her Husband

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Bárbara Bermudo recounted one of the most difficult moments of her life The presenter, along with her husband confessed that she was on the verge of undergoing surgery The Internet users sympathized upon hearing Barbara's testimony

Bárbara Bermudo and her husband Mario Andrés Moreno opened their hearts and recounted one of the most difficult moments of their lives through a video.

In the clip, the former First Impact driver revealed that she had to be hospitalized twice in recent years.

“On February 12, 2016, I was hospitalized with severe pain in my belly and after several exams I was diagnosed with diverticulitis,” began the 44-year-old Puerto Rican next to Mario Andrés Moreno.

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Also, Bárbara Bermudo said that diverticulitis is "a recurring condition that, if not treated, can be complicated."

Also, the presenter confessed that she had never felt these symptoms: "First time I got sick this way, I was very afraid that it was something serious."

Similarly, Barbara Bermudo detailed her passage through the hospital accompanied by images of herself lying down and without makeup in the hospital: "I was two days in the hospital and after two days of antibiotics with serum I was discharged."

"I started taking care of myself, but with fear that a similar picture would come back," he confessed.

However, Barbara Bermudo's fears came true: "A few months ago I had another attack and once again I ended up in the hospital, where they even told me about surgery."

“They sent me to the surgeon, but to my surprise he told me that he did not consider operating at that time because of my age and I put all the faith in God and the doctors who helped me in this process,” said the former First Impact driver.

At this point, Barbara Bermudo made an introspection: “As you can imagine, it was a very difficult process in my life that made me think”, and added: “The only thing that came to mind was my husband, my family, My daughters, of course and most importantly, the consequences of this condition. ”

Subsequently, Mario Andrés Moreno took the floor and explained how difficult it is to pay for insurance when you leave a company that provided it to you.

“Our professional lives took a drastic turn. With the changes, we both run out of health coverage that we had had the same coverage for the past 20 years. What many do not know is that when you leave an employer you cannot look for insurance because it is very expensive. ”

To conclude and using an ‘authorized voice’ for what happened, Barbara Bermudo’s husband provided a low-cost insurance option with the best attention for fans who saw the presenter’s testimony.

The clip was soon commented on by users, who sympathized with the experience of the Puerto Rican.

"My God, Barbarita, we didn't know, I hug you very hard", "beautiful blessings, you are an example of being human", "thank you, blessings for your whole family", "I rightly did not see you again, Barbara Bermudo. You are in my prayers "," very important information and testimony "," God is always hand in hand with one in the good and the bad "," how good you are well and with your example help many of us "," Very beautiful testimony ”,“ I hope you get better soon ”,“ I have always admired you. I ask God for your family, ”he could read.