Barbara De Regil Recounts Her Worst Flaws

The actress also accepted that she is not good at dancing and that her most beautiful childhood memory is with her grandmother.

Barbara de Regil He is very transparent with his fans and, just like in December, he told Who that in the past she was a toxic and rude person and that she forced herself to change by losing her husband, the businessman Fernando SchoenwaldNow she made a confession again: despite that change she still has several flaws, among them being a tantrum.


The protagonist of Rosario Scissors He told his followers on Instagram little-known aspects of his life, including the memory he treasures most in childhood, his frustrated dream and his imperfections.

These are her flaws, she said: “I think I am discovering that being so shared is one. And some that I always know are: I am tantrum, also explosive, but only until I really tired of something; I am super desperate, so I want everything fast and at the moment, “she confessed.

About his childhood memory, Barbara de Regil

He said that he is one with his granny Chayo. “On Fridays it was a meeting point to be with her and I can only say that being with her is one of the best memories I have, living with her … My grandmother Chayo, Tequila Fridays, seeing her sitting with her tummy, beautiful always, always smiling, that is my best memory, my granny ”.

Looking at his frustrated dream, Barbara He made a confession that surprised us, because he is a star of the fitness one would believe otherwise. According to her, she does not dance well, because she admits, she is not good at coordination.

Finally, when a follower asked her to share a photo from when she was a child to see how many surgeries she had undergone, she answered bluntly: “What a laugh this question gave me. PS: Sadly, from 10 notes of mine, nine are a lie and one is true ”, thus implying that he has not resorted to the scalpel as has been said in some media.