Barcelona Vs. Eibar – Party Report – February 22, 2020

Barcelona Vs. Eibar – Party Report – February 22, 2020

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco | Correspondent in Barcelona) – Barcelona took the lead in the assault, even if it was ephemeral, beating 5-0 to an Eibar that came out in response and in the blink of an eye folded to the magnificence of Messi, author of a hat-trick in the first half (which was poker at the end), the absolute leader of the Barca team and who became, perhaps without pretending, the best ally of Josep Maria Bartomeu, booed by the fans and to whom, miraculously Leo turned away from the plane.

Barçagate has obviously taken its toll on the president of Barça, who one day after suffering a terrible board of directors, in which he saw the loss of confidence of several of his teammates, he found the worst of surprises, receiving a monumental whistle before starting the game, with shouts calling for his resignation that were repeated periodically during the meeting, silenced as much as possible by the stands but not at all concealed … By who was not Messi.

Messi celebrates a goal scored by Eibar Getty Images


Eibar appeared, as expected, brave and began, as usual, without rhythm the Barça de Setién. In five minutes Ter Stegen had already had to intervene in a shot and an offside prevented Sergi Enrich’s goal from heating up an already critical mood. It was difficult for the champion to be noticed, his nerves widened in the stands, the Eiba sat in the field and who else who least began to suspect a stormy afternoon. Until the captain appeared to change the mood.

At the end of the quarter hour Messi took a ball in the front of the area, no one knows how to three rivals and surpassed Dmitrovic with a cross shot, halfway up, to open the scoring. Improved something, not too much, the collective game of Barça, Eibar suddenly understood that he was facing a colossus and the protests against the box were spaced in time, also remitting in intensity.

But to end the doubts, and after having closed a drought of four unmarked matches, the Argentine star resolved the need to turn the first half into a truly personal monologue. He did it by scoring with a cross shot at Arturo Vidal’s pass 2-0 and, almost immediately, 3-0, after giving away the goal to Griezmann and receiving the ball bounce for the French forward’s failure.

Hat-trick and it’s over. The game would be said to have died there, at 40 minutes, although Busquets brushed 4-0 before the break and as soon as the second half began, Barça had up to three good chances of increasing income. It is implied shortly after that the appointment of Naples was already in the head of the team and the coach.

The ones because they lowered their intensity and gave Eibar a court, which was annulled another goal for dangerous play and tested Ter Stegen on a couple of occasions. To the technician because he soon removed the bench, giving rest to Busquets and Piqué first and then Griezmann, giving entry to a Brathwaite received with a thunderous ovation.

The Danish, voluntarily without dissimulation, ended up being the protagonist. First he gave the 4-0 assistance to Leo, who sentenced with magic, and then caused a Dmitrovic stop for Arthur to close the hand. Again, in the final stretch, in the blink of an eye.

Barça won at half gas. Messi said in the first half and set the team in the second. Thinking of Naples, thinking of the Classic and thinking of an immediate quieter future, after a incendiary week that left Bartomeu pointed out. To whom the captain saved the ballot.