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His parents, especially his mother, do not want him to be exposed to the media spotlight but Barron Trump is the son of the president who lives in the White House so everything that surrounds him is news, especially if, as now, it has been known that he too has tested positive for coronavirus although asymptomatically. Melania has told it, who from time to time reveals details of the life of the youngest of the Trump family, although she does so with a dropper. A young man who is only seen from time to time getting on or off planes or helicopters accompanying his parents. In these snapshots you can see how Barron has undergone a great physical change in recent months, he is much taller than his parents but he retains that scary look, with a shy personality, when he faces the cameras. His features are reminiscent of his father, but his slenderness is that of his mother.

Barron Trump is the youngest of five brothers and the only child from the marriage of Donald Trump and Melania. The other four offspring of the president are the result of his previous marriages. With Ivana Trump he had Donald Jr, 42; Ivanka, 38; and Eric, 36 and with Marla Maples he had Tiffany, 26.

“He is a very strong mentally boy, very special and intelligent. He is independent and stubborn and knows exactly what he wants. He is a mixture of us in appearance, but his personality is identical to that of his father, that’s why I call him Little Donald ”, explained his mother in an interview with the North American press. Barron shares his love for golf with his father, a sport they practice together on weekends.


He is also passionate about video games, although he told his mother that he wanted to be a “businessman.” The transformation from boy to teenager is not only evident in his height, but also in his new style of dress. In recent months, Trump’s youngest son has abandoned his tie, suit, polo shirts and slicked-back hair to approach the aesthetics of any young man his age. For this occasion, he kept a casual look with a black Ralph Lauren shirt, black jeans and white Nike sneakers. He speaks three languages ​​— English, French, and Slovenian.

Because of the protection that Melania exercises towards him, he decided to delay his move to the White House from New York, which led to all kinds of news about the state of the Trump relationship. The presidential office had no choice but to clarify that the decision was motivated by a desire for Barron to have a smooth transition.

During the first electoral campaign, Barron, like the rest of his brothers, was present at events organized to promote his father but later disappeared from the public scene. In that brief space of time, the young man was serious and not very receptive to the interest that aroused in the media. Becoming the son of the president of the United States and grabbing the attention of the media is not easy. And Chelsea Clinton knows this well, as she spent her adolescence as the daughter of a president, something she suffered from 1993 to 2001 while living in the White House. Bill Clinton’s daughter made a public defense of Barron Trump: “Barron Trump deserves every child’s chance to have a childhood.” This campaign marked by the pandemic has erased him from the scenes.

Barron was born on March 20, 2006 and lived in the attic of the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York, where he enjoyed a floor of the building all to himself, until he moved into the White House. He studied at the Columbia Grammar Preparatory School in Manhattan until he moved to Washington, where he attends the private St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, located in the wealthy Potomac neighborhood (Maryland), on the outskirts of the capital, and whose annual cost is $ 40,000. He is the first presidential son to opt for this school, which educates about 600 students, from preschool to the end of secondary education. His parents try to get him to interact with his classmates in a normal way, so on occasion it has transpired that he invites one of them to sleep at the White House on weekends.



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