Baseball And Basketball, There Are More Sports Pieces In The Country

According to data from the Ministry of Sport and Recreation (Miderek), the Dominican Republic has a total of 4,088 sports facilities, the number of which has not yet been confirmed, but is close to that number.

The two sports that have benefited from more facilities are basketball and baseball.

In the field of hoops and balls, there are 813s, of which 320 are a mixture of basketball and volleyball.


The document accessed by Diario Libre has the term court, but it does not specify which sport it refers to.

When it comes to baseball, Miderek has registered 1,587 stadiums for this sport, but not all are of the same dimensions and not all are electrified. The total is about 50 used at night.

The number of 77 tennis courts nationwide is clear, of which about 14 are registered with the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

From now on, it will be necessary to check the entire number, so it will be necessary to have a sense of sports facilities. The last and only known in the country is 2014, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Sports.

With about 900 baseball fields counted so far, significant growth has been seen in the sport’s more than 600 stadiums, which are considered the main entertainment of national sports.

Miderek’s engineering department, led by engineer Johnny Pena, is working on a survey of all sports facilities in the country.

Miderek’s documentation does not include works such as handball, field hockey, skating, and skateboarding fields, so this research is needed.

Sports villages and mini villas are also not typical.

As a result, 4,098 was issued last Monday, a decrease of 10. The total can be high due to the various work just submitted and some work in progress.

Who builds

The fact that Miderec occupies over 4,000 installations does not mean that all of them are sourced by this agency.

According to data collected by DL, Lostress Ojos has works built by public works, the mayor, the city council, and other agencies such as the State Development Assistance Presidential Commission (Cpadp), which recently opened the Lagoma Softball Stadium. .. The other has already been delivered at the Fercy Carvajal Stadium in Ansonia (Asua) and Baorco. None of the three are registered in the Miderec document.

Pool and truck

This document shows 25 pools nationwide, well above the 12 athletics stadiums.

The sports facilities of Barahona, La Romana, La Vega and Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center are scenarios with swimming pools. It is not clear where others are.

This is in contrast to athletics, which is a medalist at all levels and far superior to swimming.

Sports complex

There are 51 sports facilities in the country, including COJPD, La Vega, Parque del Este, San Pedro De Macoris, La Romana, Barahona, La Vega and San Francisco De Macoris.

According to sports engineering technicians, technically, an area with at least “five sports facilities” is considered a sports complex.he



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