BASEBALL PLAYER – Juan Soto On Meeting Trump: My First Word Had To Be "I Do What My Crazy Man Played High"

Santo Domingo, RD.

The visit of the Washinton Nationals to the White House after they won for the first time in their history the Major League Baseball Fall Classic, motivated not only that Donald Trump joked with Juan Soto's hair, but also that he was invited by the president of the United States to address a few words.

A video, which has been viralized on social networks, caused the Dominican to publish an image of the moment of his speech questioning what he should have said.


“DC We love you !! ?? Thank you ???? # soto2020 e’pa lante let's go ?? I failed, my first word had to be: I did what my crazy man played out, ”Soto wrote with a photo of the moment.

When speaking to those present, Soto thanked the support provided by the public and the energy that allowed them to become winners.

"I want to thank everyone here for supporting the entire team, for bringing us energy so that the team will win, we are here, we love you, thank you"

Before these words, the American president talked about some of the most important moments of the game and invited the Dominican to address the public.

Donald Trump seeing Soto did not resist and joked with the baseball player's hair.

"Come here Juan, look at that hair, that hair is not a problem, I tell you," said the president.



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