Basque Residences: 5,705 Positives And Fatality Of Up To 33% In The Centers Of Gipuzkoa

In the Basque Country, 99,426 cases of COVID-19 have already been detected since the pandemic arrived on February 28. This Saturday, except for a drop in positives, the round number of 100,000 infected will be reached. Without taking into account possible undetected infections, almost one in twenty Basques has passed or is experiencing the coronavirus (there were 12,699 active cases on Monday). And one of the great focuses of the pandemic has been the residences. According to the estimate of, at least 5,705 of these cases have occurred in these centers, either among the elderly or among workers. 447 elderly are now infected and 810 have died.

By territory, the coronavirus has left at least 3,342 positives in residences in Bizkaia, 1,356 in those in Gipuzkoa and 1,007 in those in Álava. The data is the sum of the situation monitoring during the two waves. The first punished Álava more at the beginning and the second is having a proportional greater impact in Gipuzkoa. Bizkaia, on the other hand, has had a high level of incidence in practically all moments, although its fatality is lower in percentage terms.


There are 2,773 older people infected and at least 569 geroculturists in Bizkaia. 25.8% of the inmates have been infected. The fatality rate is 13.88% of the patients – compared to no more than 3% for the general population – and 3.58% of the total places. In addition, in the first wave, Bizkaia recorded another 32 deaths suspected of having been caused by COVID-19 but without a confirmed diagnosis. In Gipuzkoa, 338 of the 1,019 elderly infected have died, one in three. The Gipuzkoan healthcare network has 5,425 places and 6.23% have died. To assess the figure, if the percentage were extrapolated to the general population, it would mean that 135,000 people would have died. In Álava there are 4,213 places and the oldest infected are approximately 862. 20.46% would have contracted Sars-Cov-2. The dead are 186 (and one worker). The fatality rate is 21.58% of the total positives and 4.41% of the available places.

The total deceased are 810 and the worker, from the Caser center in Vitoria. The most recent eight have taken place in the last 48 hours, six in Gipuzkoa, one in Álava and one in Bizkaia. There are 32 residences in the Basque Country with currently coronavirus cases. The Mikelats center in Álava has already run out of cases as well as several in Bizkaia such as Aspaldiko in Portugalete or AItzea in Gamiz-Fika, as well as Zorrozgoiti in Bilbao.

All the data on positives and deaths center by center in the Basque Country can be consulted here




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