Batman: Meet The New ASPECT OF ROBIN With Timothée Chalamet Dazzling! (PHOTO)

Batman: Meet the new ASPECT OF ROBIN with Timothée Chalamet (PHOTO)

The new adaptation of the Batman tape, which will be under the direction of Matt Reeves, has been causing a furor with the details that are gradually revealed, after he made controversy with the revelation of the protagonist by Robert Pattinson.

Everything seems to indicate that this famous film will have many important characters from the beginning and within them is Robin, who has been rumored to be acted by actor Timothée Chalamet, although the information has been confirmed.


timothee chalamet as robin hollywood
Batman: Meet the ASPECT OF ROBIN with Timothée Chalamet (PHOTO)

It should be noted that so far Commissioner Gordon has been confirmed, who will be played by Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Kravitz will be Catwoman and Paul Dano will be in charge of playing Riddler; so many characters are missing to confirm, but it has not been spoken if this movie will feature a Robin.

This fury of wanting to see Robin in the long-awaited film of The Dark Knight has been so much that some fans have dared to make the conceptual art of this character played by Timothée Chalamet and has left many totally surprised.

timothee chalamet as robin instagram
Batman: Meet the ASPECT OF ROBIN with Timothée Chalamet (PHOTO)

After the image of the famous actor who was part of the film “Call me by your name” has come to light, many Internet users consider it the ideal to play the character of Robin, who would be keeping Robert Pattinson Pattinson’s company in the company .

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While there has not been a good adaptation in Robin’s cinema, as actor Chris O’Donell played this hero in ‘Batman Forever’ in 1995 and in ‘Batman and Robin’ in 1997, a role we simply wanted to forget, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt referred to this character in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in 2012, but we never saw him in the suit.

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timothee chalamet as robin
Batman: Meet the ASPECT OF ROBIN with Timothée Chalamet (PHOTO)

In this design Timothée Chalamet as Robin looks pretty good, in addition to having a good film career that would support him to be able to play this role, because his interpretation in the 2017 film “ Call Me by Your Name ” earned him different nominations as Best Actor , among which the Oscar, Golden Globe and Bafta stand out.