BBVA And JPMorgan Team Up To Bring New Investment Fund To Mexico

In order to offer these equity bonds, high capitalization companies in the United States are selected and they consider that they have the best returns to those investors of the private and equity banks.

"The performance objectives, we want our clients to have a two-year term, it does not mean that they do not have liquidity, and according to each profile it is how we establish the objective returns that go in relation to the risk-free rate," he said. Salvador Sandoval, director of equity and private banking at BBVA.

JP Morgan Asset Managment has more than 1.9 billion dollars invested in income, equity, fixed income, alternative, liquidity and beta instruments. It has a local presence since 2018 and lists 26 ETFs in the International Capital System (SIC) in the Mexican Stock Exchange.


BBVA said it had the highest coverage and options in Investment Funds in Mexico with 73 funds and that until September they totaled 547,036 million pesos.