Beach Volleyball Started With Mayor Pigeon / Vicentello

The tournament-dedicated kick-off by FlorÁngel Colón launched the 26th version of beach volleyball, which is part of the 2022 Pigeon Mayor / Vicentillo Sports Festival.

The field No. 1 of the Donya Kalita Ecotourism Ranch was the scene where the tournament began. In this tournament, in the free category, the winners of the first four places of the men’s and women’s branches will be awarded about 1 million pesos. work.


“This is an event for Vicentello and Mayor Pigeons, so we are committed to supporting you.” Mayor At de la Cruz Mayor Pigeon Del Rey

Mayor of San Francisco, Jose Manuel Ortega, was the welcome speaker. Motivated by Mayor Ato Mayor del Rey, Amado de la Cruz, recommended by Alexis Garcia, President of the Dominican Volleyball Federation, and the main speech was given by Ruben Dario Cruz, President of the Organizing Committee. rice field.

Alex Saras (Cavalito) was in charge of the sports oath before the kick-off by Colon.

“Because this is an event for Vicentello and Mayor Pigeon, we are working to support it,” said Delacruz, guaranteeing greater support for development in version 27 of 2023.

Ortega reiterated the importance of sports in the development of Vicentello and how the economy will be boosted at the craft and gastronomic trade fair “Activities that have been part of the Sports Festival for over five years”. rice field.

On his side, the President of Fedboli pondered the event and showed that it was part of the beach sports calendar organized by the federation each year.

Colon is active in the Mayor of Pigeons / Vicentello 2022 Beach Volleyball Tournament and devotedly honors her. (External source)

“For 26 years, Mayor Pigeon and Vicentello have been the benchmarks for sports during Holy Week, where dozens of national and international athletes meet to share and compete in a brotherly atmosphere.” Said Cruz Uviera in his speech.

In November, he announced that he would celebrate one of the Norceca Playero stops with the participation of teams from Cuba, the United States and Canada, calling for 16 teams from the region.

Male results

In the free category, Banreservas defeated the bulldog 24-15. Dagger-2 to Flip Flop-25-8; SPM-Sport to Sarmiento, 25-17; Central League to Los Rayos, 15-20; Puñal-3, 25-17 and Los Viajeros 25-22.

Cocos defeated Reserve’s son 25-18 in the Master category. Red sand to the effect, 25-23 and dagger to Jetson-1, 25-12.

On a female branch

In the women’s free category, Rainbow Girls defeated Leonas 25-19. Leonas beat Hatiros, 25-18; EMS-Sports defeated Banreservas 25-0. On the other hand, in the old, Maestras defeated Popular 25-17. Poderosas also defeated the Populars 27-25 in a fan-inspired match.

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