Beautiful! Sisters Of Enrique Iglesias Turn 19 And Celebrate

In the midst of the pandemic, the twins Victoria and Cristina Iglesias celebrated with their fans who are about to reach the second floor

Like the rest of the world, Victoria and Cristina Iglesias sisters of Enrique Iglesias, are in confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that was not an impediment for them to celebrate, even if it was on social networks, their 19th birthday.


On the occasion of such a special date, the sisters published in their respective Instagram accounts a series of images with which they celebrated their birthday and took a tour of their fun childhood that was marked by the beach, the sea and the sun, since they live in Dominican Republic.

Obviously, in each of the photos the two sisters appear, because as is known, they have a very good relationship and they have even come to affirm, one is half of the other.

“Let there be many more. I love you ”, was the simple but clear message from Victory to her sister. The words of Cristina they are not so different: “A year bigger today. 19! I love you ”, wrote the daughter of Julio Iglesias

his twin, who in these almost two decades has been his inseparable companion not only for mischief and adventure, but also for work.

And it is that as it has become known, both Victory how Cristina They intend to make a career in the world of modeling, a dream they have had since 2014. At the end of that year, her father participated in a concert in memory of designer Óscar de la Renta, who was a friend of the family and a neighbor on the island.

Among those attending the gala was Anna Wintour , who is said, approached the twins (then 13 years old), and asked them: “And you, what do you want to do? Do you want to be models?”. Before the affirmative answer of the small ones, Wintour He replied: “Well then, visit me soon.”

Years later, in 2019, both showed that they know how to behave on camera because they attended the Met Gala in New York, where they posed like professionals on the red carpet. And no wonder. After all, they are daughters of the former professional model. Miranda Rijnsburger.