Beautiful Stars Who Have Aged Well And Healthly

Brooke Shields – 1965

For Brooke Shields, education came first. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in French literature and it was only after she was done with all those college exams and loans that she entered Hollywood. Thanks to her numerous appearances in theater, TV and movies, Shields was able to accumulate a strong bank balance, but unfortunately, that did not help her much with her postpartum depression in 2003 or with the serious knee injury she suffered in 2012. But, Although she has had her fair share of falls and lifts, Shields has managed to recover well and today she speaks publicly about her battle with depression and advocates the use of antidepressants. Oh, and now she looks no less gorgeous than we remember from her series, Suddenly Susan.

Michelle Pfeiffer – 1958

Michelle Pfeiffer is the name everyone has heard. She is known to audiences for her iconic roles in films such as Scarface , The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Batman Returns.. And although she has not visited any drug or alcohol rehab centers except to visit a colleague, she does have an addiction, smoking. Another thing that sets her apart from her colleagues is that her marriage has lasted 30 years so far. Well, we shouldn’t expect to see Pfeiffer near a divorce firm in the near future. And judging from your appearance and wrinkle-free face, you won’t need any plastic surgeon services either. Investing lots of money in skin care treatments and anti-aging creams works very well for Pfeiffer.


Cindy Crawford – 1966

Cindy Crawford first attracted audiences in the 1980s as a model, but she soon expanded her interests to acting. There is no doubt that she has been blessed with good genes as not much has changed over the years. According to herself, her amazing figure is the product of fitness planning and a positive attitude towards optimal nutrition and basically everything healthy. That combined with great skincare treatments and expensive anti-aging creams and you get what seems like timeless beauty. Hopefully it will not be retired soon as it is a feast for the eyes.

Julia Roberts – 1967

Hollywood veteran Julia Roberts became a familiar face to audiences around the world in movies like Pretty Woman and Erin Brokovitch . At age 50, your face looks almost the same thanks to a skin health regimen of moisturizers and sunscreen. Roberts also keeps in shape with an aerobic fitness routine. And while he ate a lot of pasta when he was filming the 2010 hit Eat, Pray, Love , Roberts typically maintains a diet of lean protein like salmon and healthy fats like avocado (along with some occasional carbs).

Helen Mirren – 1945

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren began her career in the 1960s and has since proven her place among the best in Hollywood many times while filling her bank account. Almost every one of her roles was legendary, but we all remember her best movies, Prime Suspect , Caligula , Shadowboxer , Elizabeth I, and The Queen . This beautiful 72-year-old lady talks openly about her previous drug addiction that nearly landed her in drug abuse rehab centers and fancy drug rehab, but she hasn’t hidden her plastic surgeries either. And while we’ve heard all about your facelift, we don’t know much about your skincare products.

Angelina Jolie – 1975

Here we have another 42 year old who has aged perfectly. Angelina started her career in 1993 and since then she has matured as an actress and as a human being. Today, she appreciates her role as a humanitarian and mother more than her glamorous avatar. Over the years she has received various awards and accolades for her acting ability. Her much talked about divorce from Brad Pitt and her decision to opt for a Mastectomy to prevent cancer have kept her in the spotlight.

She is now more focused on her humanitarian work and her acting career now takes second place.

Julianna Margulies – 1966

When you look at this fit woman who did a memorable performance at Good Wife, it is impossible to tell that she is about to turn 52 because even though the years have passed, she manages to maintain a beautiful figure effortlessly. She has proven to the world that age is just a number and that with her beauty regimen, daily exercise and eating good organic food, you will stay young and fit forever. That undeniable glow on her face is the confidence she has in herself and in planned diets that most of us have to stick to forever.

Samantha Fox – 1966

Samantha Fox is a British actress, singer, and model. Their famous hit Touch Me (I want your body) was a huge hit and topped the charts in 17 countries. She started acting at the tender age of 3. At 16 she became a model. Her popularity reached such a point that she was the most photographed face in Britain in the 1980s. After the 2000s, she appeared on various reality shows. She was the ultimate celebrity on page 3 and had a contract with The Sun on page 3. At 51, she still maintains her graceful figure. She has spoken out strongly against the recent trend of having plastic surgery to correct blemishes on the body. Good health and glowing skin is all you need to look young.

Teri Hatcher – 1964

Teri Hatcher was the face we identified as Lois Lane from the Superman comics. She is against using chemicals on her skin or having surgery to change it. So she does look old, but in a beautiful way. We love that she is so honest about growing old. We all age, after all, aging is a natural process. Instead of hating our body and trying to change it artificially, we should try and accept what we have. That is exactly what she is teaching us. She had a great career and received various awards for her performance. Teri, we love you for being so sincere and natural in your 50s.

Elle Macpherson – 1964

There must be something in the water in Australia that helps Elle Macpherson age so well. At 53, the 5-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model has only the slightest hint of wrinkles around her eyes; Unbelievably, she stated that she has never had plastic surgery, although she has admitted to experimenting with botox and facial fillers. The blonde beauty also stays in shape thanks to a portion-controlled diet with an emphasis on protein, as well as a yoga fitness routine that has been well documented on social media.

Jane Fonda – 1937

During her long career, Fonda has dabbled in many different fields. She may be known as an actress, but she has worked as a model, political activist, and also as a fitness guru. But when it comes to her personal life, the double Oscar winner has had more than one mishap. It seems that when she was not making her high profits and increasing her massive bank account balance, she visited divorce firms. In addition to this, she once needed a criminal defense attorney for drug trafficking charges. And while this may have rattled her savings accounts a bit, it apparently didn’t do any harm to her still-just-beautiful appearance. Well, it may be good skincare and anti-aging cream, but this 80-year-old woman is still a beauty!

Goldie Hawn – 1945

Goldie Hawn, a multi-award winning actress, started her career in the early 1970s and immediately became a superstar. But unlike many of her colleagues who risked their acting careers for a place in an alcohol and drug treatment center, Hawn worked to increase her wealth. Admirably, she used her money and dividends from her work to found The Hawn Foundation for Unprivileged Children. In 2017, 15 years after her last appearance, Goldie, 72, decided to return from retirement once again to the big screen. Her incredible figure and flawless skin sparked a ton of buzz about laser procedures, chemical peels, and plastic surgery, but these have never been confirmed.

Julie Andrews – 1935

When we think of Julie Andrews, what immediately pops into our minds is Mary Poppins. The multi-price winning actress and singer is best remembered for appearing on Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music , but she has also made a few tabloid appearances. Those appearances include an injury attorney, a professional malpractice lawsuit and a throat operation. In fact, she almost sued a magazine when one of its writers openly accused her of visiting a drug treatment center for drug abuse. With a good wealth management plan, this beautiful 82-year-old is still active and is not planning on retiring.

Paula Abdul – 1962

Paula Abdul is a multi-talented person. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, and television celebrity. His songs were a hit with audiences in the ’80s and’ 90s. He won a Grammy for Opposites Attract . He has been a judge on various reality television shows including American Idol , So you Think You Can Dance , Dancing With The Stars . Its versatility and exotic beauty give it an aura. Although there have been accusations against her claiming that she is a drug and alcohol addict, she has repeatedly denied them. At 55, we hope you are taking care of your health!

Cybill Shepherd – 1950

Cybill Shepherd started out as a model in the 70s, but soon changed the direction of her career and began acting and singing. She is best known for her roles in The Last Picture Show , The Heartbreak Kid , and Taxi Driver , eventually earning up to $ 40 million in earnings. In 2002, she published her autobiography in which she talked about her love life that led her to divorce law firms on two separate occasions, and also wrote about a scare from serious skin cancer. Now, at 67, she takes very good care of her skin and we have to say she looks amazing.

Barbara Bach – 1947

The actress and model, Barbara Bach, is also known as the Bond girl from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me, and as the wife of Ringo Star, a former member of The Beatles. Her first marriage ended with the help of law firms, but since she married Ringo she has not had the need to visit one of those again. It’s a happy marriage or something else, but Bach looks great without any plastic surgery, and she’s still having fun at 70. Well, good anti-aging creams can work wonders and you should definitely consider investing in those rather than going for expensive plastic surgeries that sometimes turn out to be unsuccessful.

Jodie Foster – 1962

Actress, director and producer, Jodie Foster, has been active since she was only three years old. Not only did she win an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Silence of the Lambs , she also managed to graduate from Yale with a major in literature while keeping busy in Hollywood. Once she established herself as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, she began directing. There have been rumors about addiction problems and that she was admitted to an alcohol rehab center, but even if they were true, we cannot tell in her perfect appearance. She stated that she is not interested in plastic surgery, only a skin care regimen, good nutrition, chemical peels and laser treatments.

Sophia Loren – 1934

Sofia Loren was 14 when she entered a beauty pageant, but it wasn’t long before she decided that she wanted to act rather than model. He has appeared in film credits such as The Pride and the Passion , Houseboat, and It Started in Naples.. When you observe this beautiful woman, you may think that life has been wonderful for her, but that is not true, at least not always. For example, Sofia used to spend her days in jail in 1974 (even though it was only 17 days out of her 30 days sentence) for alleged tax evasion, but in addition to a criminal defense attorney, she once also needed a lawyer from divorces. Fortunately, this timeless beauty has put these episodes behind her and is now probably more concerned with being loyal to the best aging cream on the market.

Geena Davis – 1956

Geena David began her acting career in 1982’s Tootsie , and her career took off immediately, and even more so after her impressive performance in The Fly , Beetlejuice, and Thelma & Louise.. In addition to acting, Davis has also worked as a model producer and author, also earning a BA in drama long before online degrees existed. Oh, and did we forget to mention that this lovely woman was a part of the 1999 U.S. Olympic archery team (that definitely looks like a job opportunity for a personal injury attorney)? Anyway, these days, Davis is beginning her 61st year and continues to work hard on many projects looking 10 years younger. We don’t know how it does it, but we are sure that some luxury skincare products are involved in that story.

Melissa Sue Anderson – 1962

Melissa Sue Anderson was only 11 years old when she made her debut on the television series Little House on the Prairie as Mary Ingalls. Perhaps he couldn’t win an Emmy for that role, but he eventually won one for playing Alex in Which Mother is Mine ? Besides acting, Anderson also tried writing; she wrote an autobiography called The Way I See It – A Look Back at My Life on Little Housethat has helped her at least accumulate a net worth of $ 1.5 million. Unlike many celebrities, Melissa can also be proud of her marriage that has endured for almost 30 years. And on top of this, she has managed to stay beautiful. Is it some expensive skin treatment, an anti-aging magic product, or plastic surgery? What you think?

Sandra Bullock – 1964

America’s girlfriend Sandra Bullock has convincingly portrayed an FBI agent, soccer mom, and astronaut. Through it all, the actress maintains a youthful confidence that has proven to be an effective insurance policy for a lasting career. The German-born Bullock stays toned on a low-calorie diet and fitness routine that uses her body weight for resistance. Most importantly, Bullock maintains her sanity and is involved in her children’s lives despite her chaotic schedule.

Monica Bellucci – 1964

Italian sensational actress Monica Bellucci is best known in Hollywood for her roles in The Passion Of The Christ , James Bond film, Specter , The Matrix Reloaded , The Matrix Revolution , Bram Stroker’s Dracula and Malena. She began her career with modeling and at 50 she was the oldest Bond girl to appear in a James Bond movie. That’s proof enough to conclude how amazing her figure is today. She has repeatedly appeared on the lists of the most beautiful women in the world. Her long, dark hair and translucent skin is something even young actresses envy. She commented on her secret diet. It is nothing more than nutritious food and lots of water. She loves swimming and yoga, so those two activities are part of her fitness routine.

Katey Sagal – 1954

We have all seen and loved Katey Sagal on the legendary TV show Married with Children . But unlike her character, Peggy Bundy, who has a rare but strong marriage, Katey often makes regular visits to divorce firms. From her four marriages and divorces to her addiction to alcohol and stints in alcohol rehab centers, she has spoken about it all in her memory, Grace Notes . With all of that in mind, it’s no surprise that she retired from The California Institute of the Arts after a while. But despite all the misfortunes, this 63-year-old woman looks so beautiful with stunning skin and an astonishing figure. We wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two about your skincare routine.

Jennifer Lopez – 1969

Jennifer Lopez started out as a dancer in 1991, but soon decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and singer. And as if that wasn’t enough, she even tried her luck in the fashion industry. This Latin pop star has set serious goals in her career, but she has something more enviable, a super and perfect perfect figure. And yes, we’ve done the research and found that Jenny keeps those years and pounds off by following an anti-aging diet – a special exercise regimen controlled by her personal trainer. The results? Dazzling skin and no cellulite on this 48-year-old mother of 2. Well, sometimes even the best skin treatments and anti-aging creams aren’t enough, right?

Barbra Streisand – 1942

Barbra Streisand is much more than a singer; made history by breaking records with her sales, filled her music portfolio with many hits, and she has proven her impact in Hollywood many times during her long career. As one of the female singers with one of the highest rates, it is natural for us to assume that with such earnings, loans and mortgages are not among Barbra’s concerns. In fact, Barbra has always been happy to give something of what she has through various charitable projects, this is the dividend of all her effort and hard work that she has been putting in through the years. And it seems that the investment in your skin care has paid off as we hardly trust our eyes when we look at it.

Mia Farrow – 1945

Mia Farrow has made a name for herself in Hollywood with her role in the legendary 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby . But instead of her acting talent, she may be better known to audiences for her troubled relationships and complex family ties. As we know, the double divorced actress was in a relationship with Woody Allen for 13 years that ended in a major scandal and an even worse lawsuit. Fortunately for Farrow and her bank account, the lawsuit settlement over custody of one of her adopted children was in her favor. And while we don’t envy her in her love life, her appearance is a different story. Is it plastic surgery or great skin care? Whatever it is, we definitely want double what the actress has.

Meryl Streep – 1949

A timeless beauty and timeless talent too, Meryl Streep shows no signs of stopping at 68. The lauded actress has given no sign that she is ready to retire, appearing in high-profile movies and television productions every year. Meryl has her genes to thank for her long-lasting good looks, as the only anti-aging trick she’s disclosed is that she never touches her skin. Streep doesn’t need to be on a diet to play dynamic characters, relying instead on her innate talent and instincts.

Janice Dickinson – 1955

Janice Dickinson was a supermodel in America during the 70s and 80s. Her successful career continued when she was a judge on all 4 seasons of America’s Next Top Model . She was also part of a reality show where her modeling agency, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, was featured . She became famous at a time when being a blue-eyed blonde was a requirement for modeling. However, her exotic figure made her triumph. He has participated in many other reality television shows in the United States and the United Kingdom including Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew . His book Everything About Me Is Fake… and I’m Perfect talks about her plastic surgery and her alcohol problems.

Kylie Minogue – 1968

The Australian actress and singer made her mark when she appeared on the television series Neighbors . She achieved great success and her singing career soon took off. His biggest hits include ” Can’t Get You Out Of My Head “, ” I Should Be So Lucky “, ” The Loco-Motion “, ” Especially for You “, ” Hand on Your Heart “, ” Better the Devil You Know “,” Confide in Me “,” Spinning Around “. She has been a judge on the reality show The Voice , in the UK and in Australia. You are not yet thinking of retiring. Her voice and her beauty have reached a new height.

Charlize Theron -1975

Charlize Theron is South African by birth. She left her country of birth when she started modeling. She was also a ballet dancer, but a knee injury forced her to leave him and she changed her career to acting in Hollywood. Having acted in major films such as That Thing You Do , The Devil’s Advocate , Hancock , Prometheus , and recently Atomic Blonde , she is a veteran Hollywood actress. Her portrayal of a serial killer in Monsterhelped her win the highly coveted Academy Award for Best Actress. Theron has a net worth of $ 110 million. With a large bank account and a face that refuses to age, she is ready for the future!

Madonna – 1958

One of the great singers of our time, Madonna has always created controversy with her lyrics. However, its music and beauty have always been praised. Although the internet went wild when photos of Madonna’s wrinkled hands went viral, this lady can still give young celebrities a few lessons. When she appears in public with her daughter Lourdes, they look like sisters. She refuses to age gracefully and is still a very energetic woman. What is the secret, we wonder? A great diet, long hours in a fitness center, and some anti-aging skin treatments say some. We love her as she is, so we are not complaining.

Sarah Jessica Parker – 1965

Sarah Jessica Parker is probably best known for her role as the fashionista writer Carrie Bradshaw on the television series SATC for which she won 2 Emmy Awards. Currently, she is part of an HBO series called Divorce. She started acting as a child and was a part of various Broadway shows. She has her own production company and is also a UNICEF brand ambassador. Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion diva just like her character, Carrie. She is definitely getting old and feels that it is a natural process. Having good health and a fit body is more important than changing the way you look due to age. Her impeccable sense of style is timeless.

Celine Dion – 1968

Celine Dion feels that getting old is beautiful. Although we look old on the outside, internally we grow in experiences and mature. She was a sensation singer in Canada since she was 12. The title track for Beauty and the Beast was her first international hit in 1991. There was no going back after that. With the original song “ My heart will go on ” for the movie “ Titanic”, She was a household name in many countries. She also won the Academy Award for this song. Almost a decade later, Celine Dion seems to have stopped aging. It has been speculated many times that she has used botox, prompting her to launch a “No-Tox” campaign. She is against botox and skin surgery and has launched her own skin care products to combat these practices.

Diane Keaton – 1946

Nos enamoramos de Diane cuando interpretó a Kay Adams-Corleone en The Godfather. Ahí fue cuando todo comenzó. El viaje de Diane en Hollywood ha sido increíble. Ella ha intentado dirigir y producir además de actuar. Ella es alguien que ha envejecido a la perfección. Es obvio porque fue escogida como la cara de los productos para el antienvejecimiento de la piel de L’Oreal. Ella es una sobreviviente del cáncer, no sólo una vez, sino dos. Ella jura por su protector solar, su rutina fitness y comida nutritiva.

Lisa Kudrow – 1963

Todos sabemos que Phoebe de Friends fue interpretada por Lisa Kudrow. También ha participado en roles pequeños en películas. Luego se fue a la producción en televisión y fue parte de programas exitosos nominados al Emmy. Pero nada puede derrotar su papel de Phoebe. Tiene muchos fanáticos. Sigue luciendo hermosa hoy en día y aún no está abierta a las cirugías. Una vez mencionó que quizás se haga una cirugía a los 60. La amamos como es y definitivamente no nos estamos quejando.

Cher – 1946

Cherlyn Sarkisian, o Cher, entró al mundo del entretenimiento en un momento en que los hombres dominaban. Su carrera lleva más de seis décadas y además de cantar, ella ha actuado, aparecido en programas de televisión, y en espectáculos de Broadway. Ella ha sido ganadora de los prestigiosos premios Grammy, Oscar, Emmy y Globos de oro. A los 71 años, aún tiene su encanto y gracia y definitivamente no piensa en retirarse pronto. De hecho, Hace unos años anunció sus planes de comenzar un nuevo programa que puede comenzar este febrero.

Olivia Newton-John – 1948

Todos los que vieron Grease se enamoraron de inmediato de Olivia Newton-John, pero si tenemos en cuenta sus 100 millones de discos vendidos en todo el mundo, ella es más popular como cantante. Lo que debe haber ayudado a su carrera internacional, además de una cuenta bancaria repleta, es el hecho de que nunca tuvo ningún problema con el abuso de las drogas y el alcohol. Pero, aunque ha logrado con éxito evitar centros de rehabilitación de drogas de lujo, ella tuvo problemas serios de saludos en los 90. Olivia conquistó el cáncer de mama hace años (aunque al parecer su cáncer regresó en el 2017) y hoy, a los 69 años, luce igual de increíble y ha pospuesto su retiro por ahora.

Mariah Carey – 1970

La sensacional cantante asaltó a Hollywood después al llegar. Ella dice que no puede colocarse un número a sí misma. Después de todo, la edad es sólo un número. Si encuentras fotografías de ella a finales de los 90 y de la actualidad, hay sólo una palabra para todas ellas: ¡Hermosa! Tuvo su debut en 1990 y de inmediato estuvo en lo alto de las tablas. Los 2000 vio un descenso en su carrera, pero ella tuvo un gran regreso con su álbum The Emancipation of Mimi en el 2005. Dos veces divorciada, ella es madre de dos gemelos nacidos en el 2011 de su matrimonio con Nick Cannon. A punto de llegar al medio siglo, Carey puede vestir cualquier cosa y lucir genial en todo.

Carla Bruni – 1967

Carla Bruni is a model and singer, but she achieved fame with her highly celebrated marriage to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Having modeled for big fashion houses like Chanel, Versace, Dior, Givenchy, YSL, etc. His first release was Quelqu’un m’a dit. Her marriage to Sarkozy was the first. It has a net worth of $ 15 million. With a background in modeling, Bruni knows how to take good care of her health and beautiful skin. At 50, she only spends 30 minutes on her hair and skin. She is not a big fan of makeup and prefers to take care of her skin. This is precisely the reason why your skin does not look a day older than it did 10 years ago. She prefers to use BB or CC cream instead of foundation and relaxes with a hot bath at the end of the day. There is no anti-aging lotion, only good quality essential oils and a disciplined lifestyle.

Daryl Hannah – 1960

Daryl Hannah made her debut on The Fury in 1978, and after that the roles just kept coming. She was in many iconic movies like Blade Runner , Splash , Wall Street, and Kill Bill . But when she is not acting, she is an active environmentalist. She has spent a large part of her earnings on activism, but also on a crime attorney as she has been arrested multiple times over the years. She has recently become a tabloid topic due to her wrinkle-free face and possible plastic surgery, but she has never admitted to having one. Maybe it’s just good skincare, anti-aging creams, and great genes.

Heather Locklear – 1961

Heather Locklear was one of the prettiest actresses of yesteryear. She also had a major role in the famous series “Melrose Place.” There have been many rumors mentioning that Locklear had several surgeries to change her body. Although we are not sure if the actress actually had surgeries to look young, we can safely say that she has maintained her figure and health over the years. And of course, we love her for her acting ability. Look at before and after photos and tell for yourself if you can find any major changes.

Helen Hunt – 1963

Academy Award winner Helen Hunt has been a part of many great Hollywood movies. Maintains the same figure despite the years. What is it that keeps you always young? Is it an anti-aging cream or surgery? Finally, she has revealed her secret. It’s surfing. It keeps you in shape and keeps your body toned. She confessed that she even surfed when she was pregnant. Beauty, brains, and a streak of adventures, she seems to be the kind of woman a man would love to be with. In fact, his 2016 movie Ride is about surfing. She started out as a child actress and has come a long way.

Catherine Bach – 1954

Catherine Bach began her acting career in the 1970s as Daisy Duke on the legendary television show, The Dukes of Hazzard. Recently, she had a cameo in a comedy, but we can also see her in the famous soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Thanks to her acting career, Catherine was able to finance a business, avoided loans and mortgages, and also handled her divorce with ease. Unfortunately, law firms are not the worst thing you had to deal with. In 2010, her second marriage came to a tragic end when her husband committed suicide by shooting himself. Despite all the misfortunes, Bach doesn’t think one bit about retirement, instead she looks strong and perfect.

Gwyneth Paltrow – 1972

Whether or not you are a fan of the high-end health and lifestyle products from her Goop brand, you have to admit that Gwyneth Paltrow looks great. The actress’s good looks have not faded since her Oscar-winning performance in Shakespeare in Love . As an advocate for general “wellness,” Paltrow follows a high-vegetable diet free of sugars, gluten, dairy, and alcohol. Gwyneth has also used her bright looks to sell her custom line of skin care products under the Goop brand.

Marisa Tomei – 1964

The beautiful film and stage actress, Marisa Tomei, has proven her mettle in acting and is the proud recipient of the Academy Award for the film My Cousin Vinny . His other major films include What Woman Want , Anger Management , Untamed Heart , Slums of Beverly Hills and recently, Wrestler.. She has also excelled as a stage actress. Although she has had some relationships, she is not yet married. If we look at her figure, she clearly hasn’t aged since she was 35. Again, her young figure has led to speculation of plastic surgery, but we can’t be sure of this. If you ask her, she will tell you that her magic ingredient is dancing and eating healthy.

Jennifer Aniston – 1969

Jennifer Aniston was loved by audiences as fashion executive Rachel Green from Friends . And while she typically made headlines after her divorce from Brad Pitt, stress doesn’t appear to have aged 48-year-old Aniston. His remarkably toned arms come courtesy of a weight training circuit, fueled by a high protein diet. The actress also keeps her skin in great condition by wearing little makeup instead of opting for cosmetic surgery. Its healthy, hydrated glow has made Jen the face of a lucrative campaign for the SmartWater brand.

Ursula Andress – 1936

Ursula Andress is a former model and actress, best known for her role as Bond girl in the 1962 film Dr. No opposite Sean Connery. In 2005, she decided it was time to retire, but we’re sure Andress has secured great life insurance beforehand so she can now enjoy her earnings and not worry about financial problems. Some believe that some of the money in their account went to plastic surgeries, but we can’t be sure of that, considering how many anti-aging creams and skin treatments do wonders. What we can tell you is that she looks much younger than any 81-year-old we know.

Nicole Kidman – 1967

Australian redhead Nicole Kidman is one of the most lauded actresses of her generation. Now 50, the academy winner still maintains the porcelain skin that shone in movies like To Die For and Moulin Rouge . While some speculate that the increasingly tight skin is due to plastic surgeries, it may also be due to staying out of the sun like any responsible redhead. Kidman’s enviable body is the product of a swim and abs fitness routine, plus a high protein diet, and low cholesterol seafood.

Molly Ringwald – 1968

Molly Ringwald, a teenage star of the 80s, is best known for her roles in the films Sixteen Candles , The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink . Being something of an adolescent model, she has tried to stay out of fancy drug and alcohol rehab centers and tried to stay away from addictions and driving problems. Instead, Molly has decided to increase her bank account by venturing into writing. She talks about all kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries in her two books, although apparently, she didn’t have any. Is it possible that this lovely 49 year old woman only uses anti aging and skin care products?

Sharon Stone – 1958

Pursuing a modeling career, Sharon Stone made her acting debut in Woody Allen’s 1980s film Stardust Memories . Since then, he has been constantly working on increasing his acting portfolio which now includes titles such as Total Recall , Sliver , Casino, and Lovelace , among others. Oh, and we can’t forget his epic performance on Basic Instinctthat to this day continues to make men fall in love all over the world, many years after its premiere. Another thing that has remained the same is her flawless skin and wrinkle-free face. We’re not sure what her skincare or secret diet is, but maybe avoiding alcohol and drug rehab centers has helped, at least a little.