Beijing Tightens Measures To Stop The Outbreak In The City: “We Face a Serious Danger Of Spread”

Chinese authorities continue to increase the level of health alarm due to the outbreak of coronavirus detected in a food market in the capital, which has already left 137 confirmed cases, 44 of which were registered on Tuesday, according to data from the Chinese National Health Commission.


In addition to the measures of confinement and suspension of classes already announced yesterday, the cancellation of at least 1,255 flights to or from Beijing is added, according to local media reports cited by The Guardian, as well as the prohibition of “non-essential” trips outside the capital, where up to 31 new cases have been counted in the last 24 hours.

According to statements collected by the British newspaper, the Undersecretary General of the Peking Municipal People’s Government, Chen Bei, has stated in relation to this extension of the restrictions due to the new outbreak, warning that the city “faces a serious danger of cases imported and spread in the city and the country. ” An alert that has caused the country’s authorities to raise the emergency level from three to two – on a scale of four.

This second level of alarm involves measures such as neighboring communities rechecking the identity, health status and temperature of residents, as well as the closure of underground markets. Libraries, museums and parks will open for a limited time and with a capacity of no more than 30% of their capacity.

The Chinese capital will also disinfect all the markets, restaurants and university campuses in the city, and will perform coronavirus tests on its workers and managers, according to the municipal health authorities announced today.

The restrictions of mobility between the different regions of the country come after the new cases detected in the provinces of Hebei, Liaoning, Sichuan and Zhejiang have been related to the outbreak of Beijing. Prevention measures that also include quarantines for travelers from the Chinese capital in cities like Macao.



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