Being a Woman In Mexico Is An Extreme Sport: Tania Rincón Sympathizes With Feminism

The host shared with Whom the causes that motivated her to create a podcast that seeks to provide a positive message to society and women.

Tania Rincon is releasing the podcast Housewife and talked with Who About the reasons that led her to undertake this new adventure on digital platforms, the driver took the opportunity to send a message of solidarity and support to Mexican women in the face of the rising wave of feminicides that have happened recently in the country.


Daily life, the hustle of being a mom, housewife, wife and leading a healthy life were some of the reasons that motivated Tania to do a podcast Together with her best friends, the project with which she hopes to contribute a bit of sand to the feminist struggle that has been experienced in recent months.

“The idea of Housewife It came about in a very organic way, on a trip because the women we were leaving our children with their parents and were severely judged by other girls, saying that how we left our babies alone or why we had children if we weren’t going to take care of them ”, She said when asked about what led her to venture into the speech.

But he added that with this he seeks to be a company for all those women multitask they have to divide their lives into a thousand pieces to try to be happy, emphasizing the sorority that should exist between women and avoid the judgments that may exist between them.

“Whether we like it or not being a woman in Mexico is a decisive role, women make many vital decisions in the life of our family and a very clear example is what will happen on March 9,” Tania emphasized.

About the content that can be heard through Spotify, the driver explained that so far her favorite chapter is in which they had as a guest Vero Hernández, friend of the drivers, who shared the life story of her and her son, who has a strange disease that is rarely detected and to which She and her family have had to face.

In addition, the content that can be heard contains topics such as children’s tantrum, family bargaining, self-esteem, and even breastfeeding.

“Our program seeks to be a companion for all those women who want a community where they can feel understood and want to meet again, not as experts or from a scientific point of view but from what we have lived and our experience in the issues that we address. ”