Belaunzarán Accuses That Councilor Uses AMLO Programs To Fill Rally

The PRD Fernando Belaunzarán released a video, where a Morena alderman appears to visit residents and supposedly proselytize his party, through the social programs of the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The alleged councilor identifies himself as David Ortega de Tenancingo, State of Mexico, approaches two women and asks them if they have already received the help.

"Here Morena in the municipality we did not win, the PRD won, but today the President of the Republic sends me this list, where you joined the party two years ago, I do not know how the situation will have been (…) To ask if they have already benefited from a social problem … Another program is the program of young people who receive 3, 600 pesos a month for working somewhere near our region … The other thing is to make an invitation, on October 27 we go to have an event in Tenancingo. "