Belinda: Lupillo Rivera Has Nothing Gentleman, Exhibits Alleged Audios Of The Singer

Belinda: Lupillo Rivera has nothing gentleman, exhibits alleged audios of the singer. | Instagram Special

Belinda is very happy preparing her participation in the musical “I can't get up today”, but apparently, she has just gotten into trouble. And it turns out that Lupillo Rivera has nothing of a gentleman, exhibits alleged audios of the singer and messages in a morning radio program where he participated this week.

Lupillo Rivera was in the program of "The Show of the Tweety", it was there that the announcer asked him if he was with someone and also, if he was able to show the text and voice messages that were sent with his crush, was the girl Belinda?


Lupillo Rivera became very nervous and said they were going to put him in trouble, but his brother Juan Rivera added to the pressure for Lupillo to show the talks. Although many assume they talked about Belinda, they never mentioned her name.

In one of the messages it read: "Good evening handsome, rest, I send you a kiss." Subsequently, the famous Tweety asked Lupillo Rivera several questions to learn more about the mysterious girl, it was there that the singer accepted that she was not from Texas, that she was 27 years old and that she had no children, something that sounded pretty much like Belinda.

The Tweety asked if Lupillo Rivera doubled his partner's age, but the singer replied that in love there was no age or number. For many, that was the biggest criticism in the alleged affair with Belinda.

So Lupillo Rivera continued to show audio and text messages, to which the Tweety replied that the "girl is very crazy."

Lupillo Rivera's mother doesn't accept Belinda?

As is tradition in the radio program, the guest artist had to play a joke on a loved one and the victim was his mother, Doña Rosa. Lupillo Rivera called him and told him that he had pregnant a woman, then revealed the truth and the Tweety asked the famous lady some questions.

First, the Tweety asked her what kind of woman she wanted for her son Lupillo Rivera, to which she replied that someone eager to work at home to wash her clothes, make her eat, mop, sweep and everything. Then the announcer asked him what it felt like to be Belinda's mother-in-law and Doña Rosa cut the call.

Is it that Doña Rosa doesn't like Belinda? The Mexican singer is focused on her career and her upcoming projects, so although she will surely be a great girlfriend and eventually a wife, she may not be in her plans to devote herself only to the home.