Bella Hadid Greeted Gigi On Her Birthday With Unpublished Pictures … As If You Had Never Seen Her!

Bella Hadid wanted to greet her sister Gigi on her birthday, even though it was yesterday, with unpublished images on Instagram that showed them like you never saw them.

The 23-year-old model wrote next to the postcards: “My rider. 25, big girl!”. Fans freaked out with family videos as well as photos from their childhood.

There was also no lack of red carpets and walkways where both Bella and Gigi dazzle every time they share a public event.


Both Isabella Khair Hadid , as her real name, and Zayn Malik’s girlfriend are with her mother Yolanda and the rest of the family on a farm in Pennsylvania.

From there, the eldest of the Hadid shared the enormous amount of flowers she received from all her loved ones, among which her brother Anwar and her sister-in-law Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner stand out.

As reflected by ” Bells ” and Yolanda, there was food of all kinds as they also enjoyed the outdoors, since they have more than enough land without breaking the social distance imposed by the coronavirus.

It should be remembered that Bella Hadid and Gigi are lovers of animals, especially horses, that is why the youngest of the sisters recognized the other with the affectionate nickname “rider”.