Bernie Sanders Leaves The Hospital After Having Suffered a Heart Attack | International

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, 78, suffered a heart attack earlier in the week, according to the diagnosis released Friday by doctors who treated him at a hospital in Las Vegas, (Nevada). The older White House candidate was operated on for an arterial obstruction after feeling a sharp pain in his chest during an electoral act, which forced him to suspend his campaign "until further notice." "After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel fantastic and after taking a short break, I look forward to returning to work," the veteran socialist said in a statement released after he was discharged.

"After presenting to an external unit with chest pain, Senator Sanders was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction. He was immediately transferred to the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center," Arturo E doctors reported Friday afternoon. Marchand Jr., and Arjun Gururaj. The Democratic candidate who ranks third in the national polls to challenge Donald Trump underwent several medical tests on Tuesday night, where he was found to have an arterial blockage and two stents were inserted – metal tubes 8 to 38 millimeters in length and two to four in diameter.


The Vermont senator was forced to suspend his participation in the various campaign acts he had planned in different states of the country. Although his team has not yet reported on when he will resume electoral activities, they have already confirmed his participation in the televised debate that will take place on October 15 in Ohio with the main Democratic candidates. The recent surgical operation is Sanders' second interruption in his campaign agenda for health reasons in the last month: in mid-September he had to suspend three acts because he had lost his voice.

The age of the candidate who lost the Democratic primary in 2016 against Hillary Clinton has been a recurring theme during the election campaign. Despite the vigorous image that he intends to project in each public intervention, some look with suspicion that if he becomes president of the United States he would arrive at the White House with 79 years, and a possible second term with 83 (the presidents usually repostulate once in office). But he is not the only one whose age is apprehended. Joe Biden, the favorite of the Democrats, is 76 years old and the progressive senator – who has dethroned Sanders from second place in recent polls – 70. They all lead the race to challenge Trump, who occupies the position with 73 years .



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