Bernie Sanders will continue in the presidential primaries for the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders Will Continue In The Presidential Primaries For The Democratic Party

Washington, D.C. – Bernie Sanders expressed himself today determined to continue as a Democratic presidential candidate and confident in being able to demonstrate to the voters that he is the candidate for the White House who can defeat Donald Trump next November.

Sanders, after losing at least four of the six primaries yesterday, Tuesday, acknowledged that he had a bad day, but considered -although he now has about 160 fewer delegates than Biden-, that he has time to achieve a new turnaround in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Although in polls in recent races, voters say former Vice President Biden is the Democratic pre-candidate with the best chance of defeating Trump, Sanders said he hopes to begin altering that view in Sunday’s debate in Arizona, which will be the first one. one between the two finalists for the candidacy for the White House.


In that sense, he said he will question Biden about his proposals to give universal access to health care services and public university education, among other things.

“Most people support a progressive agenda,” he said.

Vermont senator Sanders did not offer a message last night after his defeat in Michigan, which was Tuesday’s primary grand prix.

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in the modern history of our country and must be defeated … I will do everything in my power to make that happen,” said Sanders.

Amidst his solid wins Tuesday, primarily in the pendulum state of Michigan, Biden made an effort to send a message of union to Sanders and his supporters.

“We love you, we need you … We share a common goal. Together we are going to defeat Donald Trump, ” said Biden, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he launched his Democratic presidential candidacy in April 2019.



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