Bernie Sanders Wins The Democratic Caucus In Nevada

Washington – Senator Bernie Sanders won the Nevada assemblies tonight, consolidating himself as the leader of the Democratic presidential primaries.

The television networks and the Associated Press declared Sanders the winner, who was clearly leading the preliminary results.

With 10% of the votes counted, Sanders accounted for 42%, compared to 19% of former Vice President Joseph Biden, 16% of former South Bend (Indiana) Mayor Peter Buttigieg, 11% of Senator Elizabeth Warren, 7% of the Senator Amy Klobuchar and 4% of billionaire Tom Steyer.


From San Antonio, Texas, Sanders savored his win tonight in Nevada. He introduced his wife, Jane, as the next US first lady.

“Don’t tell anyone, we’re going to win the Democratic primary in Texas … The president is easily upset (neither) they tell him we’re going to beat him in Texas,” said Sanders, who considered his presidential candidacy to be the movement of unity in the Democratic Party and the American electorate.

The polls made by the television networks at the entrance of the voting centers predicted a favorable election day for Sanders in Nevada, where Democratic presidential candidates look for the majority of the 36 delegates who are in dispute.

Sanders was clearly in the lead in polls in Nevada over the past few weeks, an advantage that expanded after he succeeded in New Hampshire and virtually tied in Iowa, where he won the popular vote.

Sanders was clearly in the lead in polls in Nevada over the past few weeks, an advantage that expanded after he succeeded in New Hampshire and virtually tied in Iowa, where he won the popular vote.

The polls made at the mouth of the ballot box indicated that Sanders – despite facing six other presidential candidates – obtained about 51% of the Hispanic vote and a clear majority of those who voted thinking who coincided with their positions on the most important issues .

Hispanics represent about 28% of Nevada’s population.

Former Vice President Biden was satisfied with his possible second place in Nevada, after being fourth and fifth in Iowa and New Hampshire, respectively. “We are alive. We come from behind. We will win (the candidacy). We are going to win in South Carolina, ”he said.

Biden now has, according to experts, the need to win in South Carolina, the next contest before the super Tuesday of March 3, when about a third of the delegates to the Democratic presidential convention will be decided, with events in 14 states and American Samoa.

Buttigieg, on the other hand, urged Democrats not to rush to think that Sanders is the Democratic presidential candidate and criticized the “inflexibility” of the senator for Vermont on the issue of health, regarding his proposal for “Medicare for all” , which would exclude private medical plans.

“What we have to be absolutely clear about is that we must defeat Donald Trump,” Buttigieg said, but he doubted that the Democrats will manage to do so with Sanders, the group’s most liberal, as the White House candidate.

Today’s vote in Nevada took place 24 hours after it became known that the US intelligence community. He has received reports that Russia seeks to influence US elections, not only to favor President Donald Trump in November, but to benefit Sanders in the Democratic race.

Sanders has been emphatic in denouncing any foreign interference. “My message (to Russian President Vladimir) Putin is clear. Stay out of the US elections, and as president I will make sure you do it. ”

The former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was on the ballot today in Nevada, who has been on the defensive for the complaints of sexual and labor harassment he faced in his company in recent days.

Bloomberg has invested over $ 400 million in advertising. But, it will not formally enter the voting until the super Tuesday of March 3, when primaries will be held in 14 states and American Samoa, in addition to a vote by Democrats abroad.

On Friday, Bloomberg – after a disastrous first televised debate – relieved three women of the confidentiality pact they agreed with his company, after filing complaints against him that may have been for sexual or labor harassment.

Bloomberg’s decision came after being severely attacked by complaints of sexual or labor harassment he faced in his company.

Senator Warren – who compared Bloomberg’s debate with Trump on Wednesday – had challenged the former mayor of New York to authorize all of his employees who have confidentiality agreements with his company, for having filed allegations of sexual or labor harassment, may be relieved of these agreements.

Bloomberg initially opposed.

Former Vice President Biden has indicated that relieving three women of the pacts of silence is not enough and that he can still authorize all victims of those complaints to be released from confidentiality agreements.



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