Bernie Sanders withdraws his aspiration for the presidency of the United States

Bernie Sanders Withdraws His Aspiration For The Presidency Of The United States

Washington, D.C. – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders decided to end his Democratic presidential candidacy today, Wednesday, as former Vice President Joseph Biden took virtually insurmountable advantage from him and the campaign has been stalled due to the coronavirus (COVID -19).

In an online message, Sanders – whose ideas have echoed in the Democratic Party since 2016 – announced today his decision to suspend his campaign, convinced that his agenda has transformed “the American conscience” and pushed the debate on social justice.


“Few will deny that our movement has won the ideological battle,” said Sanders, stressing that the polls of the Democratic primaries reflected that a majority of the voters favors his proposal to use the Medicare program to provide a health plan “for all” .

Sanders also considered that most Americans favor raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15, that health is a universal right, that it is necessary to guarantee access to education to prevent young people from becoming increasingly indebted or left out of the universities and that an energy system that does not depend on fossil sources must be promoted.

The Vermont senator noted how his campaign focused on fighting “Wall Street greed” and was funded by ordinary citizens, not by big interests.

In his announcement, Sanders warned that by having 300 fewer delegates than former Vice President Biden, “the path to victory is almost impossible.” So far, Biden had 1,217 delegates, compared to 914 for Sanders.

“We have never been a campaign, we are a multi-racial and multi-generational grassroots movement … Our campaign ends, our movement does not,” he said.

In that sense, Sanders indicated that he will continue on the ballot paper for the next primaries, with the idea of ​​winning more delegates and having greater influence in the Democratic presidential convention, now scheduled for August 17.

Recognizing Biden as a Democratic candidate for the White House, Sanders said the former vice president is “a decent person,” and that it will help him push forward the progressive ideas his movement promotes.

“Stay in this fight with me,” Sanders demanded of his followers.

Democrats postponed the Democratic presidential convention – due to begin July 13 in Milwaukee, Wisconson – to August 17.

Biden announced this week that the selection process for the vice presidential candidate was to begin. In one of the debates, Biden had anticipated that he would select a woman as a ballot partner.

Today, he praised Sanders for making politicians “look in the mirror and wonder if they do enough.”

“Although the Sanders campaign has been suspended, its impact in these elections and in the next elections is far from over. We will address the existential crisis of climate change. We will face income inequality in our nation. We will make sure that health care is affordable and accessible to all Americans. We will make education in our public colleges and universities free. We will ease the burden of student debt. And, most important of all, we will beat Donald Trump, “Biden said in a press release.

With the exception of Wisconsin, which in the midst of this health emergency held its primaries on Tuesday, the other states that have had election events for the past few weeks have deferred or limited them to voting by mail.

Biden – who has pointed out that virtual presidential convention should be considered – needs 1,991 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination for the White House in a first vote.

In a tweet, Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) – who had remained neutral after withdrawing her presidential candidacy – thanked Sanders for his campaign and said they will continue their efforts from the US Senate.

President Donald Trump, for his part, said that Sanders’ withdrawal is related to Warren’s refusal to join the campaign of his fellow senator.

Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said Biden is the candidate the “Democratic establishment” wanted and the one the President of the United States considers can defeat widely in November. “Democratic elites pushed Bernie Sanders aside a second time, leaving many of his supporters looking for a new home,” Parscale said.



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