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On the Internet there are several products that claim to cure cancer and that are sold through e-commerce platforms or social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. But according to the warnings of the US health authorities, it is a cruel scam for patients with this disease.

“Anyone who suffers from cancer, or knows someone who does, understands the fear and despair it can cause. And that is why there can be a great temptation to jump on anything that seems to offer a chance of cure, ”says Nicole Kornspan, consumer safety officer at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). .

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The FDA, precisely, warned that its marketing is rampant these days and that is why it published the images of these fake treatments for cancer, which come in many forms, including pills, capsules, powders, creams, teas, oils and treatment kits .

Fraudulent products are often advertised as "natural" treatments and falsely labeled as dietary supplements, which appear harmless, but can cause harm by delaying or interfering with treatments that do work, with scientific support.

Many are available for sale on pages that ship to Latin American countries. Therefore, it is important to consider that every medicine or device intended to treat cancer must have a health record to be sold. That guarantees that every product is safe and effective.

In addition, the FDA warns that the lack of sanitary registration makes them dangerous because they could contain ingredients harmful to health.

Consumers should recognize certain phrases that use these fraudulent products, such as "treat all forms of cancer," "miraculously kill cancer cells and tumors," "reduce malignant tumors," "selectively kill cancer cells," "more effective than chemotherapy ”or“ cure cancer ”.

"Consumers should buy their products at recognized sites, also verify that they have the respective sanitary registration, taking into account that it is the seal of security and trust that protects the health of the population," recommends the director general of the National Institute of Surveillance of Medicines and Foods of Colombia (Invima), Julio César Aldana.

“Health comes first, do not believe in those products whose therapeutic benefits are not proven, nor backed by a health authority and promise to cure all types of disease. The subjects who falsify a medicine are criminals who do not measure the damage they can do to people's health, ”he warns.

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