Biden Achieves Historic Political Resurrection

Los Angeles – Joe Biden climbed on the podium, in front of a multitude of cameras that transmitted his image throughout the country.

“For you those who have been beaten, for you those who have been knocked down, this is their campaign,” Biden said Wednesday. “We welcome everyone who wants to join. We are building a movement.”

This is how the former vice president has regained momentum and has become the leader in the internal struggle of the Democratic Party to elect his presidential candidate.


Gone are the hesitant and taciturn speech of the 77-year-old politician, who used to take the microphone in front of an audience to lament the state of things. “By God, what is going on?” he asked, deviating from the text written previously.

In its place has emerged a confident candidate, who throws verbal darts against his Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, although he reserves the most sharp rhetoric for President Donald Trump. “If we give this man four more years in the White House, he will change, fundamentally and forever, change the character of this nation,” Biden said Wednesday.

At the same time, however, Biden tries to present himself as a unifying agent, promising to unite the Democratic Party and the nation in general, sourly divided around Trump’s presidency.

Part of that fortress comes from Biden’s past as a co-captive boy from Scranton, Pennsylvania, who overcame his stuttering but still remembers the humiliation he caused. Thanks to his experience as a senator for Delaware, he is the experienced negotiator who promises to end the animosity in Washington and replace it with civility, cordiality and diplomacy. And thanks to his past as vice president in two terms, he is the public employee who believes “with every fiber of my being” that he can get the presidency and “heal the country.” It is also her past as husband and father, someone who has expressed in public the pain of losing a child.

Of course, Biden’s victories in the Super Tuesday are also due to the departure of Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman who joined the competition when he saw that Biden was lagging behind, and thanks to fears of the sectors moderated by Sanders, whose position As a social democrat, it is considered by partisan sectors as an insurmountable disadvantage for the November elections. That was enough for Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to get out of the race and support Biden, as did Beto O’Rourke who had left the race days ago.

The truth is that the former vice president accurately positioned himself to take advantage of the game pieces, exhibiting his political and personal qualities and at least temporarily covering his defects to achieve an unprecedented political resurrection in modern presidential campaigns.



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