Biden Approaches The White House In a Tight Count That Has Already Lasted More Than Three Days

You have a handful of votes left. After more than 140 million ballots have been counted, the presidency of the United States will be decided, as it did four years ago, by the handful of votes that can separate the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, from the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, in states that have become decisive in these elections: Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Arizona.

Biden, who is ahead in popular vote (four million more than Trump) and in electoral votes (264 to 214), is holding the advantage in Nevada and Arizona – the latter state has been counted by some media for Biden, including the Daily It is because it follows the criteria of the AP agency, although there are others, such as CNN or The New York Times, that have not yet done so.


But not only that, as happened in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Biden is on the verge of surpassing his opponent in Georgia and Pennsylvania. If it ends up happening in the latter state, the Democratic candidate would be proclaimed president, while Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would make the 11 disputed votes in Arizona unnecessary.

At 11:00 PM Eastern Time, 5:00 AM in Spain, Biden was only separated by 24,484 votes from Trump in Pennsylvania. For Biden to sit in the oval office, he only needs two states of the following four: Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina – which seems to be Trump-oriented, as does Alaska – and Georgia. If he got Pennsylvania, he would need nothing more: the presidency would be his.

While Biden has Trump 24,484 votes away in Pennsylvania, the Democratic candidate continues to cut back on Donald Trump in Georgia, a state that has voted Republican for 16 years.

Since Thursday night, when the distance was just over one point (1,805 votes), Biden has been adding votes, mainly from urban areas. With the scrutiny unfinished, he is only one tenth behind Trump.

If Biden manages to paint Georgia blue, he would take his 6 delegates. Outlets like AP and FOX News have given Democrat Arizona, although others like CNN and the New York Times have yet to. Counting Arizona, Biden would reach 270 delegates and would be the next president of the government.

That ability of Biden to cut distances as the vote by mail is counted has led Trump to multiply allegations of fraud without any evidence in the elections of the country he presides over.

Indeed, President Donald Trump insists without providing evidence that he has won the election and that if he is not re-elected, it is solely due to electoral fraud. “If you count the legal votes, I have won easily,” he said in a short speech from the White House. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the elections from us.”

The president has denounced that the “electoral machinery” in the states that remain to be decided is run by Democrats and assures that he has won in key states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, where the scrutiny continues and there is still no clear winner.

“I have won all the legal votes counted,” he denounced. “There has not been a blue wave as expected, but there has been a red wave,” he said. However, according to the projections of the AP agency, traditionally considered a benchmark in the country’s elections, Biden is guaranteed 264 delegates and it would be enough to win one more state to win the elections. Trump, for his part, has 214 delegates insured, far from the 270 needed to win the elections.

As usual, the president has lashed out at voting by mail. “It is incredible how this vote by mail is only one side,” he denounced. Several networks have cut the broadcast from the White House in the face of the president’s lies.

So far has the US president come that the television networks ABC, CBS and MSNBC stopped broadcasting the intervention of President Donald Trump for suggesting without proof that there is an immense electoral fraud for Joe Biden to win the presidency. ABC News journalist Terry Moran has stated live that “this is not a reality show, but the US elections,” reports Lucía Hernández.

“We have no doubt that when the recount is over, we will be declared the winners,” Joe Biden said Thursday in a short speech in which he called for “calm” from the Americans as the slow and agonizing recount progresses in the last states. “The process is working,” he added.

“Every vote must be counted and that is what we are going to see from now on. Democracy is sometimes chaotic and requires patience,” said the Democrat, who indicated that he continues to have confidence in his victory. All attention is now on Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, which will be the key to deciding the next US president. “

Meanwhile, judges in Michigan and Georgia have rejected demands on the count brought by Trump’s team. A Georgia state court on Thursday rejected the lawsuit filed by the Republican Party of Georgia that sought to prevent “the illegal counting of ballots received after the elections” in Savanah. In Georgia, a winner has not yet been declared and although Trump leads the vote, the difference is very small (0.3%).

In Michigan, Judge Cynthia Stephens has rejected the Trump campaign lawsuit that called for a freeze in the state’s counting due to an alleged lack of access by observers to the centers where the votes are counted. According to AP projections, Biden has won Michigan.



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