Biden Asks For More Money For Ukraine And Replenish Arsenal

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, asked Congress on Tuesday for more money to be able to continue helping Ukraine from Russian aggression but also to guarantee the replenishment of the US military arsenal.

Biden visited this afternoon in Alabama the plant that manufactures the Javelin, the famous anti-armor missiles that have helped Ukraine so much to defend itself from Russia since the beginning of the invasion.

A visit that the White House frames in the gratitude that the president wants to show US citizens for the economic support that the country is giving to Ukraine, but also to personalize it in the workers that manufacture part of the weapons that are being sent to the country. .


In his speech to the workers of this factory, Biden admitted that the war in Ukraine “will not be cheap” but insisted that the cost of “giving in to the aggression” of Russia would be “much higher”.

That is why he repeated his message to the country’s Congress to approve his request for new allocations for military aid to Ukraine.

“We need more money to ensure that the United States continues to send arms directly to the front lines of freedom in Ukraine and continue to support the Ukrainian people financially and humanitarianally,” the president said.

Biden addressed the plant workers directly to thank them for their contribution to helping Ukraine.

“Every worker in this factory and every American with their tax dollars is contributing directly to the cause of freedom,” the president said from the podium of this event, with several Javelins positioned behind him and before an enthusiastic audience.

Despite the staging, the White House does not expect an act like this to raise tensions with Russia by showing the president along with some of the weapons that are working best in the Ukrainian response to the invasion.

This was pointed out by the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, to questions from the media during the trip, which, according to what she indicated, had as its main purpose the president’s gratitude to the American people for the economic support that the country is giving.

In his speech, Biden made several calls to Congress to approve the extraordinary packages he is asking for to help Ukraine, but also to guarantee the arms supply that the United States needs, given that the shipments to the attacked country come at this time from the reserves from the country.

On April 28, Biden formally requested from Congress $33 billion in additional aid to Ukraine, of which more than $20 billion will go to military assistance to support kyiv’s fight against the Russian invasion.

Although this Monday the spokesmen for the Pentagon and the White House insisted that the aid to Ukraine does not affect the country’s own defense capacity, they also recognized that a continuous evaluation of the reserves is being made each time shipments are made to Ukraine. .

This midday, in her statements to the media from the presidential plane, Jen Psaki recalled that there is little money left than planned for shipments – she spoke of 250 million – and that is why the new aid must be approved.

But he also pointed out that funding is necessary not only to send what was promised to Ukraine but also to replenish the needs of the United States.

Along these lines, Biden made his appeals to Congress during his speech in Alabama, but not only for the emergency packages due to the war.

He also recalled that there are other previous needs that are now collateral, such as the manufacture of chips, and called on Congress to “act quickly” and support his innovation plan to promote such manufacturing in the United States.

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