Biden Downplays Trump’s Reluctance To Promote Vaccines

Washington – President Joe Biden on Monday downplayed the fact that his predecessor, Donald Trump, did not promote the efficacy and safety of covid-19 vaccines, despite the skepticism shared by many of the former president’s voters.

“My team says that there is something that has more impact for MAGA people than anything Trump can say, and it is about what his local doctor, his local preacher, the people of his community say,” Biden said in a statement to the press in the White House.

By the expression “MAGA people”, the president was referring to Trump’s voters, whom he described using the initials of the campaign slogan of his rival in the November elections, “Let’s make America great again” ( “Make America Great Again”).


30% of Americans do not plan to get vaccinated, a group that includes 47% of those who voted for Trump in the November elections, according to a poll last Thursday by PBS and broadcaster NPR.

Every living ex-president in the country, with the exception of Trump, has documented the moment they were given the vaccine and participated in a campaign to promote its efficacy and safety, as has Biden.

Instead, Trump and his wife, Melania, were quietly vaccinated against COVID-19 in January before leaving the White House, but did not report it until March, and they have not campaigned on the importance of inoculating against the virus.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday that the Biden administration would “support” a greater involvement of Trump in the effort to convince Americans to get vaccinated, in case “the former president got up tomorrow and wanted to talk more about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine ”.

“But I think it’s important to note that 81% of Republicans (Trump’s party) have said they trust (the advice of) their own doctor or health care provider, and that’s an important area that we need to invest in. ”, Indicated Psaki in his daily press conference.

“All other living former presidents have participated in public campaigns, and they did not need us to send them a special invitation to do so,” the spokeswoman added.

Both Psaki and Biden stressed that there are other ways to convince Trump supporters who are hesitant to get the vaccine or do not want to, and that they go through action at the local level.

“I urge all local doctors, religious pastors and preachers, to speak out about why it is important for people to get vaccinated,” stressed Biden.



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