Biden Imposes New Sanctions On Russia And Expels 10 Of Its Diplomats From The United States

The United States imposed sanctions on Russia on Thursday for its alleged interference in the 2020 presidential elections and its alleged role in the massive cyberattack on government institutions, in addition to imposing punishments related to Russian actions in Ukraine and Afghanistan.

In a release, the White House has also announced the expulsion from the United States of 10 members of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington, including members of the intelligence services.


The sanctions include six Russian companies for their cyber espionage activities and 32 entities and individuals who, according to the White House, have carried out attempts led by the Russian government to influence the 2020 presidential elections in the United States and delegitimize the electoral process. , as well as other acts of misinformation and interference.

In addition, the White House has formally accused the Russian Foreign Espionage Service (SVR) of having “perpetrated” the massive cyberattack that allegedly began in 2019 and penetrated the systems of the US government and large companies through a program of the SolarWinds company. The intrusion gave cybercriminals access to 18,000 private and government computer networks, including the Departments of the Treasury and Commerce.

The White House has also reported that Biden is using diplomatic, military and intelligence channels to respond to reports that Russia encouraged the Taliban to attack US and allied troops in Afghanistan.

In addition, it has announced that the Treasury Department, in collaboration with the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, has sanctioned eight individuals and entities associated with the current Russian intervention in Crimea. It is the second time during Biden’s tenure that the United States has coordinated with the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia, following those passed last month over Navalni’s imprisonment.

The US Treasury has also issued an order that prohibits US financial institutions from participating in the main market for bonds issued as of June 14 by the Russian Central Bank and other institutions in the country, in an attempt to restrict their sale of debt. sovereign.

The american president spoke with his Russian counterpart this Tuesday and demanded that he “lower tensions” with Ukraine, expressing “concern” about the Russian military mobilization on the border with that country.

During the conversation, Biden also proposed to Putin to hold “a summit in a third country” sometime in the “next few months”, to “talk about all the issues facing the United States and Russia.”

The call was the second between the two to be made public since Biden came to power in January, and it came after Russia announced it had dispatched troops and three airborne units to its western borders.



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