Biden leaves the decision on a second impeachment against Trump to Congress

Biden Leaves The Decision On a Second Impeachment Against Trump To Congress

President-elect Joe Biden said today that the determination to impeach Donald Trump rests entirely with Congress, while he remains focused on his government agenda ahead of the January 20 inauguration.

To questions from the press about his position on the possibility that Congressional Democrats will present articles of residence next week, Biden avoided commenting, indicating that his job is to focus on addressing the coronavirus emergency, the administration of vaccines and the unemployment.

“What Congress decides to do is in their hands, we are going to do our job … That is a decision that Congress must make,” he said during a press conference to appoint his economic team.


Asked about growing discussion of a possible impeachment effort, President-elect Joe Biden says he’s focused on COVID response, vaccine distribution, and restarting the economy.

“That’s a decision for the Congress to make. I’m focused on my job.”

– ABC News (@ABC) January 8, 2021

He indicated that regardless of whether Congress pursues a residency or not, he hopes legislators will be ready to move forward on his agenda as soon as he takes office.

Biden added that he will speak with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership this afternoon later on Friday.

Incidentally, the president-elect celebrated that Trump will not attend his inauguration, assuring that it is “one of the few things” in which both agree, although he trusted that the outgoing vice president, Mike Pence, will.

Pelosi and other lawmakers have pressured Trump to resign after Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob that lawmakers from both parties said was incited by Trump.

The president of the House informed the congressmen of both parties that she will initiate the process of “impeachment” (political trial) against Trump if the president does not resign “immediately”.

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