Biden Lifts Trump’s Orders Seeking To Ban TikTok And WeChat In The US

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday withdrew executive orders seeking to ban the popular social networks TikTok and WeChat in the country presented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, and has instead called for an investigation to identify security risks. linked to China.

The new decree orders the Commerce Department to initiate a “rigorous and evidence-based” analysis of the applications that collect personal information from users and whose technology has ties to the Asian giant.


“Certain countries, including China, seek to use digital technologies and American data that pose unacceptable national security risks, while assist ing authoritarian interests and controls,” the White House said.

Specifically, the US government targets those applications that “are owned, controlled or managed by individuals who support a foreign military adversary or intelligence activities, are involved in malicious cyber activities, or store sensitive personal data.”

Trump’s orders, from August 2020, remain blocked for the moment by court decision.

Trump even demanded that the firm that owns TikTok, the Chinese ByteDance, sell its business in the country to US companies.

Biden’s decision comes on the same day that he begins his first international trip since arriving at the White House, which will take him to the UK G7 summit, meetings with his European partners in Brussels and his first meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Shortly before getting on the plane, the president assured that the objective of his trip to Europe is to “strengthen the alliance” and “make it clear to Russia and China that” the United States and Europe are together. “



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