Biden Promises 200 Million Vaccinated In His First 100 Days

Washington – President Joe Biden kicked off his first formal conference on Thursday highlighting the improving outlook in the fight against coronavirus, doubling his original goal with the promise that 200 million doses against COVID-19 will have been delivered by meeting his first 100 days in office.

Responding to questions, Biden said he hopes to run for re-election within four years and maintained that his foreign policy priority is to address the case of North Korea and its nuclear weapons.

On immigration, he said his government is working hard to get beds and put in place new facilities to transfer children from Border Patrol custody.


He argued that most migrants who arrive at the border are forced to return, except for children, and assured that he is trying to reduce the delays to hand over minors in government custody to their adult protectors.

The government reached the original goal of 100 million doses days ago, before reaching 60 days, as the president drives the battle against a pandemic that has killed more than 545,000 people in the country and devastated the national economy.

But while he had delayed his first national conference in order to celebrate the progress against the pandemic and the approval of the gigantic rescue package, he would undoubtedly face difficult questions about the other challenges of all kinds that have emerged in these weeks.

A couple of massacres, mounting international tensions, the first signs of divisions in his party and the increase in the number of migrants crossing the border from Mexico are the problems facing a presidency known for its discipline in communications. Biden is the first president in four decades to serve so many weeks in office without holding a press conference.

Although the vaccination goal seems ambitious, it is actually a continuation of the ongoing campaign until the end of next month. The United States delivers 2.5 million vaccines daily, and the rate may rise. Two of the hurdles will disappear over the next month as vaccine provision increases and states eliminate requirements to get the shot.

On the other hand, Biden said he has the “expectation” to run for re-election in 2024. At 78, he is the oldest president, and he would be 82 at the beginning of a second term.

Asked if he feels capable of facing a rematch with Donald Trump, he said sarcastically that “I don’t even think about it. I have no idea ”.

Regarding North Korea, he said that the Asian country has violated UN resolutions by launching ballistic missiles and that the United States and its allies will respond to an escalation of the situation.

“I am ready for some form of diplomacy, but conditional on the end result being denuclearization,” he said, adding that it coincides with former President Barack Obama’s warning that North Korea is the highest priority to monitor in foreign policy.



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