Biden Proposes His Advisor Julissa Reynoso As US Ambassador To Spain

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has proposed this Tuesday his adviser Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon, chief of staff of the first lady, as the new ambassador of the United States in Spain and Andorra, the White House reported in a statement. Biden has also nominated Mark Gitenstein, a former ambassador to Romania, as the new ambassador to the European Union.

Of Dominican origin, Reynoso currently held the position of chief of staff in the office of the first lady, Jill Biden, as well as co-chair of the White House Council on Gender Policy, created by the current administration.


The Madrid embassy will be the second to be occupied by Reynoso, who was already the highest diplomatic representative of the United States on another occasion, in Uruguay, during the administration of Barack Obama.

Among other positions, she has also held that of undersecretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the State Department.

Trained at the universities of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, and in the American universities of Yale and Columbia, the future ambassador in Spain has been a partner of the Winston & Strawn law firm dedicated to international law. Additionally, he worked for Federal Judge Laura Taylor Swain.

Reynoso has been very involved in immigration issues and last March was part of a delegation from the Biden Government that visited the border area in the state of Texas, and a detention center for immigrant minors in Carrizo Springs.

That month Reynoso also gave an interview to Efe in her capacity as co-chair of the new White House Gender Policy Council, in which she spoke of the need to move towards “zero tolerance” with violence against women and promote that principle also at the international level.

She explained then that the Biden government has among its priorities the creation of a national plan of action to end gender violence. Reynoso’s appointment has to be confirmed by the US Senate.

As for Gitenstein, the White House recalled that during the last decade he has worked on projects in Central and Eastern Europe, and as ambassador he focused on the fight against corruption and the defense of democratic institutions, work that has continued since with their work in NGO



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