Biden Rally Reformulates Democratic Race

WASHINGTON (AP) – Less than a month ago, Joe Biden’s campaign plummeted. Despite having traced in South Carolina, he faced the crucial competition of Super Tuesday with limited funds and no visible campaign infrastructure.

All of that is behind us.


The former vice president had resounding victories in the Democratic primaries across the country, from New England to the contested states of the Atlantic coast, from the central north to the extreme south. She formed a broad coalition of African Americans, women, older voters, and college graduates, drawn to her campaign.

Biden’s spectacular performance cemented a remarkable comeback and reformed the Democratic primary with mind-blowing speed. The pre-candidate whose campaign was on the brink of the abyss is now the favorite to obtain the candidacy.

“I come to give you a report: we are very much alive,” Biden declared in a tumultuous act in Los Angeles.

California, the jackpot of the night, was one of the few states that leaned for Senator Bernie Sanders. But Biden won Texas, the second prize, and eight other states. His victories in Virginia and North Carolina, two states that will be crucial in the November elections, were vital.

Democrats will now have to decide which of the two is best suited to face President Donald Trump in November. Sanders is a fiery leftist who has been advocating major reforms of the economic system and public health for decades. Biden is a moderate who presents himself not so much as an ideologist but as a candidate capable of healing the country after the divisions sown by Trump.

Sanders’ good start _ won the New Hampshire and Nevada primaries and tied for Iowa_ scared centrist Democrats, fearful that a candidate out of step with broad swaths of the electorate would cost them not only the White House but also the two houses of Congress .

Many in the party quickly warned that Sanders was benefiting from the multitude of moderate candidates who divided the rest of the Democratic electorate. But only after Biden’s resounding victory in South Carolina last Saturday did they begin to see him as the best alternative.

The rapidity with which Biden’s situation has changed is unprecedented in recent history.

In the days since South Carolina, influential Democrats have leaned toward Biden with breakneck speed. Among these are several former rivals of his whose campaigns looked promising, including Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke, who backed him on Monday in a spirited show of party unity.

Money begins to flow into their coffers, even from wealthy donors fearful of Biden’s weaknesses. This injection of fresh funds will allow him to mount in the next states the campaign operations that he lacked on Super Tuesday.

In truth, the difference in resources between Biden and some of his rivals on Tuesday was staggering, adding even more luster to his victories.

In Minnesota and Massachusetts, billionaire Mike Bloomberg spent about $ 17 million on television advertising. Biden won the two states without spending a dollar, according to data released last week.

Biden won the key state of Virginia by more than 25 percentage points, having spent less than $ 200,000 compared to Bloomberg’s $ 12 million, according to the same data sources.

Bloomberg did not win a single state, although it did get some delegates in the proportional share. On Wednesday, he resolved to abandon the race and give his support to Biden.

Another candidate who must face reality is Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was third in her state of Massachusetts. Although he has vowed to continue his campaign and to resolve a divided convention, it was unclear how he would justify it after such adverse results on Super Tuesday.

Thus, there remain Biden and Sanders, two white septuagenarians, to determine who will be the banner bearer of an increasingly diverse party.

The race echoes the 2016 showdown between Sanders and Hillary Clinton, a more moderate candidate considered the one with the best chance until her unexpected loss to Trump in the general election. Sanders and his supporters urge the party not to follow the same path this time.

But Biden’s rebound highlights the fear many Democrats feel at the prospect of a Sanders candidacy. By abandoning the race and backing Biden, Bloomberg is likely to invest fortunes in helping him and attacking Trump with a barrage of television advertising until November.

Incidentally, Biden’s candidacy is not without risks. He has trouble mobilizing youth and sometimes seems out of step with the emboldened left wing of the party. He has also shown unequal skills in the campaign, with speeches that are often heavy and rambling.

But it has apparently changed by improving your prospects. He was visibly dynamic as he toured the states on Super Tuesday, enjoying the support of voters and leaders who a few days ago seemed willing to send him to retirement.

“It’s not for nothing that they call it Super Tuesday!” Biden cried.