Biden Says He Can “unite The Whole Country”

Columbia, South Carolina – Joe Biden said Sunday that he can “unite the entire country” after achieving a huge victory in the Democratic primary of South Carolina that could force moderate rivals out of contention and curb the rise of progressive Bernie Sanders.

The former vice president promised to improve his campaign operation, fundraising, and even his own performance, as the race progresses towards Super Tuesday on March 3, arguing that he is the candidate who can win the vote.

“I feel good,” Biden said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I can win and I can bring Democratic victories.”


Biden won approximately three times more delegates in Saturday’s primary elections in South Carolina than Sanders, his closest rival, giving a momentary respite to anxious Democrats who feared the socialist would end February with four consecutive wins that would make it difficult for someone to overcome him .

Even with the victory, the deficiencies of the Biden campaign remain, including the lack of solid funds and organization, and next week he will face Mike Bloomberg, a billionaire who has spent more than $ 500 million on advertising in the states for the first time. who will vote Super Tuesday. Bloomberg announced his plan to give a three-minute speech on primetime Sunday night on two television networks. He did not say how much he paid for airtime, something unprecedented in recent decades.

Biden barely released television commercials in the Super Tuesday states. And both Sanders and Bloomberg have many more employees and volunteers.

But the former vice president was making an aggressive round of media appearances on Sunday in an effort to offset Bloomberg’s huge spending. He is also working to secure the backing of prominent Democrats and, shortly after Saturday’s results, he got the backing of former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

South Carolina was the first important test of the attractiveness of candidates among black voters. That procession will continue on Sunday when many of the White House applicants travel to Selma, Alabama, to participate in ceremonies commemorating the defense of civil rights.

Several states that vote Super Tuesday, including Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia, have significant black populations.