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Biden To Announce Anti-gun Violence Measures

Washington – President Joe Biden will unveil a package of measures to combat gun violence on Thursday, marking his first major gun control action since taking office.

The president will also nominate David Chipman, former federal agent and adviser to the gun control group Giffords, as director of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Biden faces mounting pressure to take action after a wave of gun killings in recent weeks in the United States, although the White House has repeatedly emphasized the need for the legislature to act to regulate firearms. Although the House of Representatives passed a background check initiative last month, gun control measures have little chance of advancing in the Senate, where both parties have the same number of seats and Republicans are almost united in their vote. totality against most proposals.

Most of the measures are the initiative of the Department of Justice, and Attorney General Merrick Garland will accompany Biden at the event.

Biden is expected to release stricter provisions that will force buyers of so-called “ghost guns” to undergo a background check. These handcrafted firearms often lack the serial numbers used to track them. It is legal to make a firearm at home or in a shop, and there is no federal background check requirement.

The president’s plans were advanced by a person familiar with the planned measures, who was not authorized to discuss them publicly.

Senior officials confirmed that the Justice Department will issue a new provision to control weapons without a serial number within 30 days, but did not provide details.

The Justice Department will also propose within 60 days a rule that will tighten the provisions on stabilizers for handguns, such as the one used in the massacre last month that left 10 people dead in Boulder, Colorado. The measure will make it possible to designate pistols equipped with stabilizers as short-barreled rifles, the possession of which requires a federal permit under the National Firearms Law, and are subject to a more detailed application process, as well as a tax of 200 dollars.

Government officials hinted that there could be more arms measures, describing this round of executive action as “initial steps.”


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