Biden Will Call For Unity In His Inaugural Address

Washington – President-elect Joe Biden will use his inaugural address to call for national unity, and as he begins his term, he will prioritize the fight against the pandemic and repeal the most controversial measures of outgoing Donald Trump, reported Sunday the one who will be your chief of staff.

In his first hours as president, Biden will issue a series of executive orders and his first 10 days will be an attempt to change course for the nation without the intervention of Congress, said the adviser, Ron Klain.

In an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” program, Klain indicated that Biden will use his inaugural speech to give “the message that we must move the country forward, a message of unity, a message of achieving the goals set” .


Biden will end the restrictions that Trump imposed on the entry of people from nations that have Muslim majority, will reintegrate Washington into the Paris Agreement against Climate Change and will issue orders to put on the sanitary mask on federal properties and on all travel between state. They will be part of a dozen actions Biden will take upon arrival at the White House, Klain said in a memo to staff Saturday.

Other measures include extending the pause in the payment of student debts and other measures to prevent people from being expelled from their homes amid the pandemic.

“These executive actions will bring relief to millions of citizens who are in distress in the midst of these crises,” Klain noted in the memo.

“President-elect Biden will take action not only to reverse the gravest damage caused by the Trump administration but also to move our country forward.”



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