Biden Wins Michigan And Is Six Electoral Votes Away From Winning US Presidency From Trump

Biden Wins Michigan and Is Six Electoral Votes Away From Being the US President

Washington, Nov 4 (WABNEWS) .- The Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, leads the US presidency race against Donald Trump, by 264 delegates to 214 in the Electoral College, according to the projections of CNN , Fox News, Washington Post and The New York Times

Biden was just awarded the 16 delegates from the key state of Michigan.

The Electoral College is a body made up of 538 delegates who elect the states based on their population.


The winning candidate in each state, even if it is by a single vote, takes all of their delegates with the exception of Nebraska and Maine. The candidate who reaches 270 wins the elections.

Trump (214):

  • Alabama (9),
  • Arkansas (6),
  • South Carolina (9),
  • North Dakota (3),
  • South Dakota (3),
  • Florida (29),
  • Kansas (6),
  • Kentucky (8) ,
  • Idaho (4),
  • Indiana (11),
  • Iowa (6)
  • Louisiana (8),
  • Maine-District 2 (1),
  • Mississippi (6),
  • Missouri (10),
  • Montana (3),
  • Nebraska-State (2),
  • Nebraska-District 1 (1),
  • Nebraska-District 3 (1),
  • Ohio (18),
  • Oklahoma (7),
  • Tennessee (11),
  • Texas (38),
  • Utah (6),
  • West Virginia (5) and
  • Wyoming (3 ).

Biden (264):

  • Arizona (11),
  • California (55),
  • Colorado (9),
  • Connecticut (7),
  • Delaware (3),
  • District of Columbia (3),
  • Hawaii (4),
  • Illinois (20),
  • Maine-state (2),
  • Maine-District 1 (1)
  • Maryland (10),
  • Massachusetts (11),
  • Michigan (16),
  • Minnesota (10),
  • Nebraska-District 2 (1),
  • New Jersey (14),
  • New York (29) ,
  • New Hampshire (4),
  • New Mexico (5),
  • Oregon (7),
  • Rhode Island (4),
  • Vermont (3),
  • Virginia (13),
  • Washington (12) and
  • Wisconsin (10).

States that are still too close to call

  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Alaska
  • Nevada
  • Georgia

Nevada 6 electoral votes away

Most of the remaining states have been won by Donald Trump but Nevada remains a Biden win and is the state that will give Joe Biden his final win which will make him a winner of the US President candidacy.

Lawsuits are filed

The re-election campaign of US President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to demand that the recount be stopped in Michigan , considering that it has not been given sufficient access to the places where the vote counting is done.

Meanwhile, the US president declared himself the winner in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan , something false since the scrutiny still continues in those states and the last one has already been projected as the winner Joe Biden .

Pennsylvania is a pivotal state in which Trump promised to mount challenges after the U.S. Supreme Court last month put into effect an extension that would allow the state to count ballots received up to three days after Nov. 3.


Democrat Joe Biden said he will not rest, along with his team, “until the vote of all” those who participated in the elections is counted.

The Democrat maintains the advantage and is confident that victory is near.


President Trump stressed that it seems “strange” to him that at night the results began to change, although he was previously leading in Democratic states.

Trump lost the lead in states like Michigan and Wisconsin this morning.


The United States and the whole world were left in suspense as there was no winner of the presidential election between the current president, Donald Trump who is seeking re-election, and the Democratic candidate and former vice president, Joe Biden .


Trump won in key states like Florida, Texas and Ohio. The states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Michigan continued the day without clear trends that would allow a verdict to be issued; in Nebraska, no provisions could be made to declare the winner.

The states in suspense are: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan , Georgia, Wisconsin, Alaska and Nevada.

Until 02:07 the AP agency gave the victory to Biden in Arizona to accumulate 238 collegiate votes.


Around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, Biden announced that he would broadcast a live message to his supporters. The announcement had raised uncertainty about whether he would concede the victory to  Donald Trump  or whether he would claim it for himself. It was also speculated that he would call for prudence due to the lack of counting of votes cast in advance by mail.

In his speech, Joe Biden stated that the election can be resolved until Wednesday or even later; but he trusted that his results are going well and called for patience.

“Thank you, thank you,” he told his supporters and was confident of winning Michigan and Pennsylvania. “Have faith, we are going to win,” he said.

He acknowledged that due to the early vote, knowing the results will be delayed and assured that despite this it will be won in Pennsylvania, from where he issued his message.

Almost simultaneously, President Trump tweeted:

“We are in a BIG time, but they are trying to STEAL the elections. We will never let them do it. No votes can be cast after the polls close!”, Which earned him a mark from the social network Twitter.

Around 01:30 a.m., already on November 4, President Donald Trump gave his first message after announcing the first results of the Electoral College of the elections in the United States.

In a public message from the White House in Washington, the president accused of possible electoral fraud on the part of his opponent.

Although he reaffirmed on several occasions that they are leading according to the preliminary count, he accused that his opponent was committing a fraud, this being “a sad moment for the country.”

“We were prepared to win this election, so now what are we going to do?” Asked the president.

President Donald Trump , who is seeking reelection, claimed victory in North Carolina and Georgia and claimed he has life in Arizona.

In a live message, the Republican highlighted having won widely in Ohio, in Texas by more than 700 thousand votes, in addition to Florida, in an act in which he thanked his supporters, his wife the first lady, Melania Trump and his family.


Various accounts on social networks shared information about the protests  near the White House facilities, in Washington, for the possible victory of President  Donald Trump  in the  elections  on Tuesday.

International and American media also reported the closure of businesses since noon, including some that closed since Monday night and that were shielded against possible acts of protest with wood and fences.

Media such as  El País  and the Venezuelan citizen journalism network  Reporte  have already reported some   peaceful protests outside the White House, but social media users posted videos showing some clashes.

Issam Ahmed, a reporter for the French Press Agency (AFP) and some users on social networks also reported the presence of groups linked to Antifa, the anti-fascist leftist movement in the United States.



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